Heat distribution
ROTEX underfloor heating

Regenerative heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. ROTEX underfloor heating systems provide year-round comfort.

The choice of heating surface is influenced by the room, window and wall layout of your new home to a large extent. With a ROTEX underfloor heating you are free in room design and you have a virtually unrestricted choice of floor coverings. This makes it an optimal solution for new buildings. In addition, you rely on a viable system and are open to all heat generators. You can also combine a ROTEX underfloor floor heating with radiators.

System advantages

Open to any heat source

With an underfloor heating you can use all heat generators.

Economical operation

The low temperature system increases the efficiency of the heating system.

Easy and variable temperature control

Comfort temperature is controlled accurately in every room.

Heating and cooling

Year round comfort with a ROTEX heat pump

Product description

No compromises in the choice of heating surface

Rooms flooded with light with large windows, variable, open spaces for furniture and a constant pleasant room climate – with underfloor heating systems by ROTEX you can let your creative living ideas take flight. With all ROTEX underfloor heating systems you have a virtually unrestricted choice of floor coverings. Because the special functions of the pipes and system plates used by ROTEX, changing the floorcovering, or subsequent addition of a carpet, for example, has little effect on the heating output.

Because of the extremely large heating area, the underfloor heating system manages with a low surface temperature.The air temperature in rooms can be maintained at a significantly lower temperature than rooms heated by conventional heating systems, while delivering the same perceived temperature. Lower levels of air circulation also suppress the dispersion of dust and dust mites. A major benefit to those who are allergic to house dust!

Contemporary heating – even in the future!

The existing heating surface has a decisive influence on the choice of your boiler. Modern heat generators, such as heat pumps, for example, are designed to operate at low system temperatures. And the lower the flow temperature, the more efficiently and economically you can operate the heating system. The ROTEX underfloor heating means that you can choose any type of heat generator. Because it can be combined with both common heating systems, such as oil, gas or remote heat , as well as with a heat pump and with solar support. Tomorrow as well as today.

ROTEX heating pipes: 30 years‘ experience and safety for generations

The heating pipe is at the heart of any underfloor heating system. ROTEX has manufactured PE-X heating pipes for more than 30 years and today is one of the leading pipe manufacturers. ROTEX PE-X pipes have proven, in practice, to be extremely durable and reliable. They are entirely corrosion-free, their oxygen barrier layer prevents corrosion of other components in the installation, and they provide long-term service with safety as a result of their extreme durability.


Regenerative heat in winter, clean cooling in the summer

In combination with ROTEX underfloor heating, the ROTEX heat pump puts its special talents to the test. When cooling, the heat pump process is simply put into reverse, i. e. heat is taken from the building and released into the surroundings. The underfloor heating then performs the actual cooling of the room. The large surface provides a very comfortable, draft-free room climate. Invisible and noiseless, also when cooling.

Always right - be it residential or commercial buildings

ROTEX underfloor heating systems are also suitable for efficient, economic and convenient climate control in commercial buildings having large floor areas. Just ask or send off for our special information material. We would be pleased to advise you comprehensively and without obligation.

Structure and function

Systematic structuring

ROTEX underfloor heating systems and cooling systems are generally realised using system plates in new-build installations. The system plates offer a good thermal insulation as nap-plate or tacker plate  to the supporting structure and outstanding step noise insulation properties. They are easy to lay, environmentally beneficial (CFC-free), can be recycled without problem and meet all constructional requirements thanks to their various different executions.

Combine underfloor heating with radiators

With System 70 underfloor heating system it is possible to combine existing radiators with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating and radiators are operated at the same feed temperature and at no extra cost.

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