Rainwater utilisation
ROTEX variocistern tank system

Up to 50% water savings with the modular rainwater storage tank system from ROTEX.

Drinking water is precious and expensive. In many applications, such as the toilet flushing or in the washing machine, expensive drinking water does not have to be used. ROTEX variocistern is a compact tank system for the simple and hygienic use of rainwater in households. Also suitable for retrofitting existing buildings.

System advantages

Simple use of free rainwater

Savings of up to 50% of the drinking water needs.

Perfectly hygienic

Opaque, non-corrosive and easy to clean.

Perfect for modernization

Easy to install, thanks to its light weight and compact dimensions.

Storage volume as needed

Free combination and expansion tank batteries for: series, block and corner installation.

Product description

More than a drop on a hot stone

Up to 50 % of drinking water used in domestic situations can be easily replaced by rainwater. For watering the garden, for flushing the toilet for cleaning and watering the plants and for the washing machine. This means that everybody can make a decisive contribution to the environment, can reduce drastically their per capita consumption of drinking water and can counteract the receding resources and the extensive area of encapsulation of our landscape.

Free of charge – but not for nothing

The use of rainwater for consumption in the domestic situation has financial advantages because rainwater is practically free of charge in virtually any volume you like. That reduces your overheads and amounts to an investment that pays out.


Combinable with all systems

The variocistern ROTEX rainwater storage tank can be combined with all the commercially available domestic water systems. This makes it the optimum choice both for new buildings and for retrofitting in existing buildings. For periods of increased use the modular system guarantees rapid simple adaption using the extension tank variocistern B. In order to guarantee water for consumption during extended dry periods there is a top-up kit for topping-up with mains water



Structure and function

Adapted to any demand - thanks to its modular expansion capability

The ROTEX variocistern rainwater storage system offers two different types of tank and associated accessories. The basic variocistern A tank is fitted with one inlet and one overflow. The extension tank variocistern B is combined in corresponding numbers with the A tank to give the desired total capacity. From experience, the rainwater demand is between 40 and 50 litres per person per day, and is thus around 180 litres per day for a 4 person household.

The total number of individual tanks per battery can be chosen as desired. Thanks to the two different tank sizes, storage facilities of any size up to more than 15,000 litres can be realised, depending on the height of the room and the ground area available. A floor drain must be available in the room where the tanks are erected. The DIN 1986 drainage installation must be observed in Germany (please observe local regulations).

Clean water and simplest cleaning

The tanks are made from non-translucent plastic. The lightdependent growth of biomass and associated putrefaction and smell is therefore excluded. If, over a period of many years, and despite fine pre-filtration, deposits should collect on the floor of the tank, cleaning the tank is very simple. The cleaning and draining openings at the top of the tank facilitate simple cleaning by spraying out.

Simple installation, compact dimensions

Assembly of the variocistern can be done in a trice by your installation company. Thanks to comprehensive standardised accessories and lightweight compact tanks that can fit through every door.

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