Heating oil storage
ROTEX variosafe

The ROTEX variosafe safety oil tank. Compact, odourless and ready for Bio-Oil.

The ROTEX variosafe meets the highest standards of safety and sets new standards in terms of quality. They can be installed without any boundary wall and thanks to their compact dimensions they are ideally suited for tank modernization. 

System advantages

Always on the safe side

No boundary wall necessary thanks to double-walled safety tank.

Maximum odour blocked thanks TITEC

3,000 times less heating oil odour to penetrate than unblocked PE tanks.

The tank, which fits through doors

Lightweight, compact design for easy installation.

flood protected

Safe in high water conditions with watersafe safety armature

Product description

Today and tomorrow – an optimum system

Heating oil is, and will remain, an important and economical heating energy source. The announced conversion to sulphurfree heating oil, the use of oil condensing heating boilers and the simple facility for combination with solar energy make heating oil an attractive and contemporary energy source. An additional future alternative for the use of regenerative energies in combination with heating oil is the so-called Bio-Oil. It offers an additional potential for primary energy saving and for CO2 reduction.

New standards in terms of safety

ROTEX variosafe sets new standards in safety because it is the combination of two independent safety systems. The internal tank, made of seamless blown HDPE meets the stringent approval criteria of the DIBt (German Institute for Construction Technology) and in itself is already a valid secure oil tank. The corrosion-free external vessel has a high degree of stability. It serves as a collection trough and also as fire protection. A pleasant spin-off: installation without a boundary wall is possible and the painting of the floor or walls with oil-resistant paint is not required. Whether it be a new installation or replacement of an old oil tank, the ROTEX variosafe meets all the requirements of a renovation tank in an ideal way.


A real top dog

The lightweight compact structure, the easy installation and high variability in installation make variosafe the best solution to problems for builders, heating engineers and architects. Even in awkward basement rooms, the modular variosafe tank system can be installed quickly to create a battery of tanks for several thousand litres. And the best bit is: Thanks to the fulfilment of the strictest safety standards, the tanks and boiler can be accommodated in the same room, up to 5,000 litres capacity, and you will save loads of space.

Ready for Bio-Oil


The ROTEX variosafe heating oil tanks are approved for the storage of heating oil with biogenic constituents from 5%-15%. We can use the construction industry approved ROTEX VA-Oil delivery line to convey the oil from the oil tank to the oil boiler. It is resistant to Bio-Oil and has no negative effect on the heating oil itself, as we see with non-ferrous metal and copper alloys, for example. This means that the entire system is prepared for oil storage and delivery for the future use of heating oil with regenerative biogenic constituents.

In combination with ROTEX A2 oil condensing heating boilers, variosafe heating oil tanks represent a complete future-proof oil heating system, that is open for the use of regenerative energy constituents. The ROTEX A2 oil condensing heating boiler is ready for use with up to 20% Bio-Oil.



Structure and function

3,000 nose-lengths ahead – thanks to tested odour block

The ROTEX variosafe system uses TITEC (Tighting Technology), a special manufacturing process for PE vessels with odour block. Longterm tests by the Fraunhofer Institute have shown that TITEC allows up to 3,000 times less heating oil odour to penetrate than unblocked PE tanks. The “Quality Association of Leading Manufacturers of Odour-Blocking Heating Oil Tanks e.V.“ (QgH) has awarded all ROTEX heating oil tanks the quality label “PROOFED BARRIER“

Use oil and protect the environment – flood protected

High water and floods present quite a challenge to heating oil storage. Even under these extreme conditions we must be sure that no heating oil leaks out and contaminates the water, the ground or the building. Thanks to its double safety concept, the ROTEX variosafe is also approved for use in water protection areas without the need for an additional leak capture room. And is absolutely safe in high water conditions. In contrast to conventional systems, the ROTEX watersafe heating oil tanks are “intrinsically safe“. In the event of high water, the variosafe tanks start to float and the connections on the tanks and the discharge line are automatically closed off. Leakage of heating oil from the floating tanks is prevented. 

A perfect team: Solar + Oil condensing technology

The perfect interaction of ROTEX Solaris, ROTEX A2 oil condensing boilers and ROTEX underfloor heating represents the current state of the art of what is technically possible. When heating with oil and considering energy efficiency.

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