Gas hybrid heat pump
ROTEX HPU hybrid

The indoor unit combines a regenerative air-to-water heat pump and an energy-saving gas condensing boiler

With flow temperatures from 25 °C to 80 °C, the ROTEX HPU hybrid gas hybrid heat pump is suitable for every type of building. The hybrid heating system uses the best of two energy types, environmental heat and gas. The hybrid heating unit is characterized by maximum energy consumption and minimum space requirements.

System advantages

Maximum flexibility and Security of supply

The combination of two energy sources increases the security of supply and provides maximum flexibility.

Effective operation

Automatically selects the most efficient mode of operation (heat pump or gas).

Little effort in modernising

Modern gas-hybrid heat pump with easy installation. Existing radiators remain.

For the health of your family

Hygienic water heater principle or combination with a ROTEX thermal store with fresh water technology.

Product description

The hybrid combination from ROTEX: efficient, comfortable and reliable

The use of a heat pump in existing buildings is often restricted by the need for high flow temperatures. When modernising buildings with an existing gas heating system, therefore, the question frequently arises as to whether a heat pump can perform this task. The ROTEX HPU hybrid combines an air source heat pump utilising renew ables with energy efficient gas condensing technology. The indoor unit, consisting of the gas condensing boiler and the internal part of the heat pump, does not usually take up any more space than a conventional gas boiler. With flow temperatures of 25 °C to 80 °C, the ROTEX HPU hybrid is suitable for any kind of building. The ROTEX hybrid unit is impressively reliable, flexible, extremely convenient and uses renewables.

Inverter technology for greater efficiency

Inverter-LogoThe ROTEX hybrid heat pump delivers exceptional performance thanks to its highly efficient inverter technology. When the building does not require heating at full capacity, the heat pump reduces its output, making it much more efficient.


Strong performance in the smallest space

The inddor unit of the ROTEX HPU hybrid does not usually take up any more space than a conventional gas boiler. The compact outdoor unit can be installed space-saving and flexible in the outer area of the building.

Always the best value heat generation

Current electricity and gas prices are easily entered into the control of the ROTEX gas hybrid heat pump. This device then automatically selects the most favourable heat generator in every operating mode. This allows you to maintain control over your heating bills.

Perfect climate: Heating in the winter - cooling in summer

The HPU hybrid can not only provide heating but can optional also cool if required in rooms with underfloor heating. Your feel-good climate in every season.

From autumn 2017: Control of the regulation via smartphone

In addition to the control functions of your device, the control system also monitors your system. This comprehensive system management system allows you to optimally adapt your system to your personal comfort. Through the further function of the new LAN adapter, the device is Smart Grid Ready and allows you to optimize your energy consumption by cost-effective energy from your energie provider.

Structure and function

Outstanding efficiency – at all times and all temperatures

The ROTEX gas hybrid heat pump achieves optimum energy efficiency thanks to its dual-mode parallel and alternative operation. The heat pump is activated for as long as possible, or both appliances work in parallel, resulting in cost benefits. The gas boiler is only used when it is really needed, i.e. when high temperatures are required. The ROTEX gas hybrid heat pump therefore ensures maximum efficiency at all times in any operation mode.

Maximum DHW hygiene in combination with a ROTEX thermal store

For domestic hot water heating, you can choose between the hygienic instantaneous water heater principle or a combination with a convenient ROTEX thermal store. Thus the highest drinking water hygiene is guaranteed and enables the integration of a solar system.

Innovative heat storage concept - Hygienic, flexible and future-oriented

All ROTEX products with the ECH2O label are characterized by a unique heat storage principle. Particularly space-saving, with the highest warm water comfort and open for additional heat sources. The innovative heat storage concept is applied to the HPU hybrid when you combine the heat pump with a HybridCube thermal store.

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency label for heating systems - safe in the knowledge it‘s ROTEX

Haus Hybrid-Wärmepumpe mit Solarkollektoren

All ROTEX products are tested and meet the criteria of the Ecodesign Directive. For both individual products and packaged solutions, energy labels are a reliable indicator of the precise efficiency class. Perfectly matched in terms of their individual components, our complete systems provide both maximum convenience and the highest safety standards. 

The combination with a thermal solar system is the most effective way to improve the efficiency class of the entire system.

Information about the energy efficiency labels

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