Domestic hot water heat pump
ROTEX HPDU monobloc

Maximum efficiency in water heating

The ROTEX HPDU monobloc heat pump extracts heat from the ambient air to produce domestic hot water. The plug-and-play system only needs to be connected to the water pipes. It is ideal for new buildings as well as for existing buildings that are being modernized.

System advantages

Highest efficiency

Hot water temperatures up to 62 °C without use of a heating element and with COP values of up to 3.6.

Solar connection prepared

The combination with a PV system is possible. The 260 liter version offers the optional connection to a thermal solar system.

Exceptionally quiet

With only 36 dB (A) at 2 m distance one of the quietest devices on the market.

Easy installation and maintenance

Unit is ready to plug-in. High quality materials ensure longevity.

Product description

Hot water from air and renewable energy

When boilers or electrical appliances generate heat, the air in the rooms where they are located is often unintentionally heated. The domestic hot water heat pump extracts the waste heat from the air and uses it to produce hot water. In terms of comfort and convenience, this approach boasts a two-fold advantage: the cool exhaust air can then be used to cool a pantry, for example, or basement areas where lower temperatures are desired.

Harnessing the power of the sun: using the heat pump in combination with a photovoltaic installation or a solar-thermal system further slashes energy consumption.


The ideal combination

A domestic hot water heat pump can be the perfect addition to a heating system. With an integrated solution of this kind, the heating system can be switched off during the summer when it is not in regular use. The highly efficient ROTEX HPDU monobloc heat pump then supplies hot water – and slashes energy costs.

The perfect match: a heat pump and a solar-thermal system

To maximize its efficiency, the domestic hot water heat pump can be connected to a photovoltaic installation or a solarthermal system. 

The heat pump that features a 260-liter hot water storage tank can be equipped with an additional heat exchanger for direct connection to a solar-thermal system – enabling the available solar energy to be fully exploited.

An intelligent product
Logo SG Ready

The ROTEX HPDU monobloc is smart-grid-ready. This means that the advanced control system automatically raises the hot-water target temperature as soon as enough energy is available from the photovoltaic installation – and the electrical energy generated can be thermally stored for later use.

Structure and function

Special comfort and safety

Easy control

    • Choose your operating mode: „Eco“ - „Auto“ - „Boost“

    • Protective cycle against bacterial formation, no legionella

Operating modes

ECO: Only renewable energy will be used without activating the electrical heating element. This way you save extra on your energy bill.

AUTO: Renewables will be supported with an electrical heater element. In this mode optimum comfort is always guaranteed.

BOOST: In the Boost mode you are able to heat your domestic hot water in incredible fast timing. This mode can manually be enabled to increase output to maximum by utilizing both heat pump and the additional heating element.

Low maintenance

    • Countless installation possibilities. Footprint of only 0.36 m2 and easy maintenance on the top and the side

    • The unit informs customer when the air filter should be cleaned

    • One (200 L) or two (260 L) replaceable anodes for even better protection against corrosion improving the lifetime of the unit

Meets your needs

  • Higher comfort through 3 operating modes
  • Different tank sizes:

    • 200l (H x Ø) 1.707 x 650 mm
    • 260l (H x Ø) 2.004 x 650 mm

  • Optionally with bivalence function
  • Efficient with a COP values up to 3,6 and ot water temperatures up to 62 °C without use of an electric heating element
    • With only 36 dB (A) at 2m distance one of the quietest devices on the market

  • Fits through every door
    • Durable with high quality materials

    • Can be combined with a thermal solar system

Energy efficiency class

Class A+ efficiency labels

According to the EU eco-design guidelines. ROTEX‘s Monobloc domestic hot water heat pump is classified with an “A+” label, the highest energy efficiency available.

Informationen to energy efficiency labels

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