Air-to-water heat pump 
ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra

The new heat pump generation:
Outstanding performance and environmental responsibility

The complete heat pump solution with a capacity of 4-8 kW offers environmentally friendly and future-oriented technology in the smallest footprint. Heating, cooling and water heating with maximum efficiency.

This shows that they are part of the DAIKIN Group product range that uses futureproof R-32 refrigerant. Combined with a new highly efficient compressor, these next generation heat pumps achieve the highest efficiency values. The new Bluevolution technology enables up to 40% higher DHW output.

With a flow temperature of up to 65 °C it is possible to use the air-to-water heat pump flexibly in new buildings and even in modernisation.

System advantages

Commitment to the environment

Uses the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-32 for maximum performance and efficiency

Suitable for smallest properties

Whisper-quiet outdoor unit - in night mode only 35 dB(A) at 3 m distance

Innovative technology

Flow temperature up to 65 ° C also allow use in modernisation

For the health of your family

Thermal store with hygienic freshwater technology

Product description

ROTEX air-to-water heat pump –
The high efficiency class with refrigerant R-32

The ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra combines highly efficient heat pump technology with an innovative thermal store in the smallest of spaces. The entire heating centre only takes up 0.36 m² (HPSU compact Ultra 304/308) or 0.62 m² (HPSU compact Ultra ,504/508) of space. Electronic management of both heat pump and thermal store (ISM = intelligent storage management) maximises energy efficiency whilst also ensuring heating and domestic hot water convenience.

Heizungsregelung per App

You can conveniently control your heating system from your smartphone using the Control app and LAN adaptor/gateway. The control unit is able to control the heat pump functions as well as monitor your system. This comprehensive system management option allows you to synchronise everything perfectly to your needs.

Embrace efficiency and modern sustainability with the refrigerant of the future

Logo Kältemittel R-32Everyone is a winner when environmentally friendly R-32 refrigerant is used. With its low GWP of 675, it is already playing an important part in reducing CO2 emissions, thereby keeping its environmental impact to a minimum. Due to this low GWP, all Bluevolution products already fulfil the requirements of new EU Regulation 517/2014, which stipulates that fluorinated greenhouse gases (also known as F-gases) be gradually replaced by 2030.

What GWP means

GWP (global warming potential) is a value indicating the global warming impact of a greenhouse gas. The lower the value, the lower the potential contribution to global warming.


Logo SG Ready

The “Smart Grid Ready” label for all ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra heat pumps certifies their suitability for “power bias operation”. In order not to overload power grids, wind turbines are frequently shut down when more electricity than required is being generated. Storage is required to absorb these peaks in production.

Economical and quiet thanks to output modulating operation

Logo InverterThe heat demand of a building varies very widely depending on weather conditions and utilisation patterns. The ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra heat pump employs inverter technology, which operates the compressor variably. In other words, the output of the heat pump is continuously adjusted to meet the demand. This lowers the operating costs and increases the efficiency of the system. An electronic control system ensures whisper-quiet operation of the outdoor units in night mode with only 35 dB (A) at a distance of 3 m.

Innovative heat storage concept - Hygienic, flexible and future-oriented

Logo Ech2oAll ROTEX products with theECH2O-label are characterized by a unique heat storage principle. Particularly space-saving, with the highest warm water comfort and open for additional heat sources.


For new build and modernisation

The amount of heating energy required by modern buildings is continually going down, resulting in lower flow temperatures. The low-temperature heat pumps from ROTEX are specially aligned to this, whether in conjunction with low-temperature radiators or underfloor heating. The underfloor heating, with its extremely large heating surface, has a lower surface temperature which increases the efficiency of the heat pump. Many ROTEX heat pumps can also apply the principle in reverse. Therefore, it is possible to use heat pumps in the summer for gentle and economical cooling of your building. This results in only slightly higher operating costs for this additional comfort.

The HPSU compact Ultra achieves a flow temperature of up to 65 °C. This offers manifold possibilities even in modernisation.

Structure and funktion

The compressor – the heart of the heat pump

The new ROTEX heat pumps – powered by Bluevolution use the available environmental energy to heat your home with maximum efficiency. The heat in the ambient air is transferred to the heating system via R-32 refrigerant with the help of the new highly efficient compressor. This principle is equivalent to using a refrigerator or air conditioning system in reverse. The compressors in ROTEX heat pumps are developed and manufactured within the corporate group. Consequently, we can draw on knowledge from many millions of compressors made by the technological leader. The next generation uses a completely new, highly efficient compressor.

Optimum water hygiene – day after day

The integrated thermal store of the HPSU compact Ultra have been designed with the latest heating technology and domestic hot water hygiene standards in mind. They are fundamentally different in design from conventional high volume domestic hot water tanks. Sludge and rust deposits, sedimentation and even the growth of dangerous legionella bacteria, such as can be found in many large tanks, cannot occur here. Their design concept means that they can provide 100 % hygienic domestic hot water at any time.

The hybrid heating centre – open to all energy types

The HPSU compact Ultra internal unit can furthermore be used as an efficient thermal store for additional heat sources. Apart from a solar thermal system, it can also be backed up for example by an oil boiler, gas boiler and pellet boilers or wood burning stoves with back boilers. If you do not install a solar thermal system immediately, one can be retrofitted quickly and easily at any time.

Solar thermal energy: low expenditure – high yield

Solar energy and heat pump complement each other in an ideal way. Solar energy can be converted up to 80% into usable heat. The ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra has already been optimized for solar connection. In combination with ROTEX Solaris, it becomes your personal solar heater.

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency label for heating systems - safe in the knowledge it‘s ROTEX

Haus mit Wärmepumpe, Fußbodenheizung und SolarkollektorenAll ROTEX products are tested and meet the criteria of the Ecodesign Directive. For both individual products and packaged solutions, energy labels are a reliable indicator of the precise efficiency class. Perfectly matched in terms of their individual components, our complete systems provide both maximum convenience and the highest safety standards.

The combination with a thermal solar system is the most effective way to improve the efficiency class of the entire system.

Information about the energy efficiency labels

Special paint

Heat pump outdoor units in special paint

On request, we can deliver your heat pump outdoor unit in a RAL special color. Set individual color accents. We offer four special colors in addition to the standard finish.

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