Split heat pump

The heat pump split system, consisting of outdoor unit, indoor unit and heat storage unit

HPSU Bi-Bloc uses the environmental heat with maximum efficiency. It consists of outdoor unit, indoor unit and heat storage unit. You do not need a separate technical room for the HPSU Bi-Bloc.

System advantages

For the health of your family

Water heating with hygienic freshwater technology in combination with a ROTEX thermal store.

Flexible unit

Innovative technology and flexible integration into the building.

Future-proof and flexible

Direct combination with a solar system is possible and can be added anytime (in combination with HybridCube thermal store).

Electronic control

Intuitive electronic room control.

Product description

Economical and quiet thanks to power-modulating operation

The HPSU Bi-Bloc consists of an outdoor unit, an indoor unit and a heat storage unit. All ROTEX heat pumps are equipped with inverter technology. The output of the heat pump is continually adapted to the requirements, whereby the compressor is operated variably. This results in lower operating costs with increased efficiency of the system. An electronic control ensures quiet operation, even at night.

From autumn 2017: control your regulation via smartphone

In addition to the control functions of your device, the control system also monitors your system. This comprehensive system management system allows you to optimally adapt your system to your personal comfort. Through the further function of the new LAN adapter, the device is Smart Grid Ready and allows you to optimize your energy consumption by cost-effective energy from your energie provider.


HPSU Bi-Bloc - the heat pump for low system temperatures

Air-to-water heat pumps utilise the ambient air as their heat source. They can therefore be installed quickly and inexpensively. The amount of heating energy required by modern buildings is continually going down, resulting in lower flow temperatures. The low temperature heat pumps from ROTEX are designed specifically to meet such requirements. An underfloor heating system is essential for exploiting the full potential of this energy efficient heat generator. As underfloor heating systems have such a large surface area, they can make do with low surface temperatures. Many ROTEX heat pump systems can also apply the principle in reverse. Consequently, it is possible to use heat pumps in summer for cooling your building gently and economically.

Structure and function

The heat pump split system from ROTEX

The outdoor unit extracts the heat of the ambient air, which is absorbed by the heat transfer medium (refrigerant) and transferred to the indoor unit. The compact outdoor unit can be placed unobtrusively outside new buildings or existing residential buildings. 

The ROTEX HybridCube thermal store is a combination of hot water storage tank and continuous water heater. The domestic water to be heated is conveyed and heated through a separate high-performance heat exchanger made of stainless steel. Water that is charged first is also the first to be removed (first-in first-out principle).

Heating in winter - cooling in summer

The HPSU Bi-Bloc can not only heating but also cooling in combination with a floor heating system. Your comfortable climate every season.

Innovative heat storage concept - Hygienic, flexible and future-oriented

All ROTEX products with the ECH2O label are characterized by a unique heat storage principle. Particularly space-saving, with the highest warm water comfort and open for additional heat sources. The innovative heat storage concept is applied to the HPSU Bi-Bloc when you combine the heat pump with a HybridCube thermal store.

Energy efficiency class

Energy efficiency label for heating systems - safe in the knowledge it‘s ROTEX

All ROTEX products are tested and meet the criteria of the Ecodesign Directive. For both individual products and packaged solutions, energy labels are a reliable indicator of the precise efficiency class. Perfectly matched in terms of their individual components, our complete systems provide both maximum convenience and the highest safety standards. 

The combination with a thermal solar system is the most effective way to improve the efficiency class of the entire system.

Information about the energy efficiency labels

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