Fan convector
ROTEX HP convector

A fan convector is an alternative to conventional radiators and is ideal in buildings with underfloor heating for easy heating of auxiliary rooms or as replacement for existing radiators. Due to the low flow temperatures, the combination with a low-temperature heat pump is optimal.

System advantages

For new buildings and renovation

Flexible combination with underfloor heating or to replace existing radiators.

Particularly quiet and compact

Through the quiet operation the use in sleeping rooms is possible.

Heating and cooling

Cooling mode combined with a heat pump.

Simple room control

Integrated electronic room temperature control with time control.

Product description

Ideal in combination with underfloor heating

The ROTEX HP convector is an intelligent fan convector. It is the ideal add-on in buildings with a ROTEX Low Temperature heat pump, if all rooms are not equipped with underfloor heating.


For new buildings and renovation

In new buildings, the HP convector offers a simple way of heating ancillary rooms. When renovating, you can replace existing radiators with the HP convector without the need for any further conversion work. Operation is particularly quiet, allowing it to be used even in bedrooms. Integrated electronic room temperature control ensures optimum conditions in every room.

Structure and function

Particularly efficient operation

The Interlink function establishes communication between the heat pump and the ROTEX HP convector. The flow temperature is adjusted according to need, guaranteeing an optimum COP for the heat pump and thus the highest possible efficiency for the system.

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