Innovative heat storage concept -
Hygienic, flexible, future-oriented


All ROTEX products with the ECH2O-label distinguish themselves through a unique hot water storage system. Particularly spacesaving with highest warm water comfort and compatible for other heat sources.


The hygienic storage concept

The ROTEX thermal stores are equipped with fresh water technology and are water-hygienically state-of-the-art. The actual heat is not stored in the drinking water itself, but in the separate storage water. Deposits of sludge, rust, sediments or even the proliferation of dangerous legionella bacteria are not possible.

Future-proof and flexible

Integration of additional heat sources

Due to their special design, they can be used as efficient heat accumulators for additional heat sources. In addition to a thermal solar system, other heat generators such as, for example, stoves with water-chamber can be connected to the storage.


Compact and efficient

This technology is used with all ROTEX thermal stores. Particularly compact and efficient is the combination of heat generator (air-to-water heat pump or gas condensing boiler) and integrated thermal store. ROTEX offers solutions for maximum heating comfort and maximum drinking water hygiene with the HPSU compact (air-to-water heat pump heat storage combination) and GCU compact (gas condensing/heat torage combination).

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