ROTEX comfort 365 -
Heating and cooling with heat pump and underfloor heating

365 days feel-good climate

The cooling option of the ROTEX air-to-water heat pump, which comes as standard, allows you to enjoy the dual heating and cooling function in rooms you fit with underfloor heating, without additional expenditure and investment. The operating costs for this additional comfort are low. Usage costs of 10 to 20 Euros per year for cooling a living room with ROTEX Comfort 365 were calculated by the Institute for Building Energetics at the University of Stuttgart. By integrating a solar system which provides additional support to the heating system in the winter with free solar energy, Comfort 365 offers maximum living comfort at minimum energy costs.

365 days feel-good temperature

Feel-good temperature - both summer and winter

With the ROTEX Comfort 365 heating system, you can enjoy your personal comfort temperature at any time of the year in all rooms. Custom comfort settings in no time.

Average annual temperature curve of a residential building

Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling with the HPSU compact heat pump

In combination with ROTEX underfloor heating, the ROTEX heat pump puts its special talents to the test. When cooling, the heat pump process is simply put into reverse, i.e. heat is taken from the building and released into the surroundings. The underfloor heating then performs the actual cooling of the room. The large surface provides a very comfortable, draft-free room climate. Invisible and noiseless, also when cooling. In rooms without underfloor heating, a fan convector is used which also has a dual heating and cooling function. Your ideal temperature in no time the whole year round.

The complete system

Comfort 365 – the complete system

The variables ROTEX HPSU air-to-water heat pumps reduce your heating costs to a minimum. These are available as split units with outdoor unit and indoor unit or as a compact monobloc version which combines both in the outdoor unit.

The ROTEX Solaris solar system minimizes energy costs. Through the integration of a solar system, which also assists heating in winter with free solar energy.

ROTEX Monopex offers more cosiness with lower consumption costs. The ROTEX Monopex underfloor heating system not only ensures comfortable warmth but also gentle cooling in summer.

The ROTEX fan convector is the ideal supplement to the ROTEX heat pump, if not all rooms are equipped with underfloor heating.


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