The new heat pump generation from ROTEX – powered by Bluevolution

With the future-oriented refrigerant R-32

The next generation heat pumps from ROTEX bear the Bluevolution label. This shows that they are part of the DAIKIN Group product range that uses futureproof R-32 refrigerant. Combined with a new highly efficient compressor, these next generation heat pumps achieve the highest efficiency values.


Powered by Bluevolution

Maximum convenience:

    • The new air-to-water heat pumps from ROTEX – powered by Bluevolution – boost domestic hot water output by up to 40 % thanks to their state of the art technology

    • An optimum interior climate is maintained through heating and cooling when combined with underfloor heating

Outstanding performance:

    • Flexible for use in new build and even modernisation projects, reaching flow temperatures of up to 65 °C 

Outstanding performance und environmental responsibility

Embrace efficiency and modern sustainability with the refrigerant of the future

Everyone is a winner when environmentally friendly R-32 refrigerant is used. With its low GWP of 675, it is already playing an important part in reducing CO2 emissions, thereby keeping its environmental impact to a minimum. Due to this low GWP, all Bluevolution products already fulfil the requirements of new EU Regulation 517/2014, which stipulates that fluorinated greenhouse gases (also known as F-gases) be gradually replaced by 2030.

What GWP means

GWP (global warming potential) is a value indicating the global warming impact of a greenhouse gas. The lower the value, the lower the potential contribution to global warming.

Heat pumps with new refrigerant become even more environmentally friendly

The Daikin group relies on the new generation of heat pumps to the future-ready refrigerant R-32. It has the best performance in both cooling and heating operations. The greenhouse potential (GWP – global warming potential) is clearly below the current refrigerant. In addition, significantly lower quantities need to be used. The global warming potential of R-32, is only one third of the global warming potential of R-410A. Taking the refrigerant filling into account, the greenhouse potential is only one quarter.

Compared: R-410A and R-32

Make a start today

EU Regulation 517/2014 requires that fluorinated greenhouse gases (also known as F-gases) be completely replaced by alternative refrigerants for the sake of the environment. A transition period from 2017 to 2030 has been allowed for this.

Advanced technology – only the best for our customers

The compressor – the heart of the heat pump

The new ROTEX heat pumps – powered by Bluevolution use the available environmental energy to heat your home with maximum efficiency. The heat in the ambient air is transferred to the heating system via R-32 refrigerant with the help of the new highly efficient compressor. This principle is equivalent to using a refrigerator or air conditioning system in reverse. The compressors in ROTEX heat pumps are developed and manufactured within the corporate group. Consequently, we can draw on knowledge from many millions of compressors made by the technological leader. The next generation uses a completely new, highly efficient compressor.

Market leader and pioneer

The pioneering DAIKIN Group began developing systems that used refrigerants with a low GWP (global warming potential) many years ago. Long before the F-gas Regulation came into force, the company recognised the need to produce more efficient and environmentally responsible heat pumps, air conditioners and refrigeration systems. The company launched its first air-to-air heat pumps with R-32 back in 2013. This puts the DAIKIN Group at the forefront of the development and production of this advanced technology.

ROTEX has always been very innovative in technical matters. With the take-over by the Japanese DAIKIN-Group in the year 2008, ROTEX obtained access to outstanding technologies and other innovations of a global market leader.  These advantages pay off especially in the development of heat pumps.

The new air-to-water heat pumps – powered by Bluevolution

The new heat pump generation with sustainable refrigerant R-32.

HPSU compact Ultra

A complete solution: HPSU compact Ultra 4-8 kW
Advanced heat pump technology with integrated thermal store. Hygienic with the ability to incorporate additional heat sources.

HPSU Bi-Bloc Ultra

The versatile solution: HPSU Bi-Bloc Ultra 4-8 kW
Flexible application, also for cascades.

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