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September 2015:
New: energy efficiency labels for heating systems

We‘re familiar with these labels on fridges, televisions and other electrical appliances. From 26 September 2015, heat generators and water heaters will bear their own EU energy efficiency labels. These labels will make it easier to compare individual heating products and decide which ones to buy.

How the energy efficiency classes are determined

The product‘s seasonal energy efficiency will determine its energy efficiency class. Put simply, this indicates the relationship between the total energy input and the useful heat output. The greater the proportion of renewable energy used to generate heat, the higher the efficiency class. As a result, heat pumps are usually in the top efficiency classes (A+ and above), followed by gas and oil condensing boilers, with conventional boilers bringing up the rear, as they tend to perform comparatively poorly against the relevant criteria.

Efficiency classes for products and systems

Individual heat generators will each bear a product label.
The efficiency of a heating system depends not only on the heat generator, but on several components. That is why the combination or package label was introduced. This covers the heat generator plus other components such as the controller, cylinders, solar thermal systems and/or an additional heat generator. The combination label is calculated from the efficiency values of the individual appliances and devices.

Expert advice

Every building is different. Your choice of a new heating system, especially as part of modernisation, should not be based solely on the efficiency rating. Depending on the characteristics of your building, a heating system with a low efficiency rating may consume less energy than a system with a higher rating. Consequently it‘s important to get expert advice and help with sizing: that‘s where your ROTEX partner comes in useful.


Safe in the knowledge it‘s ROTEX

All ROTEX products are tested and meet the criteria in the Ecodesign Directive. For both individual products and packaged solutions, energy labels are a reliable indicator of efficiency class. Perfectly matched in terms of their individual components, our complete systems provide both maximum convenience and the highest safety standards.


Excellent package label ratings

Hooking up a solar thermal system is the most effective way to reach a higher overall system efficiency class. The ROTEX GCU compact is already optimised for linking up with a solar thermal system – when you connect it to a ROTEX Solaris, will become your own personal ‚solar heater‘. The integral central heating backup and large storage volume will raise your system‘s energy efficiency ratings for both domestic hot water and space heating.




System diagram: GCU compact with solar thermal

1 Gas condensing/solar unit with integral thermal store
and built-in electronic controller
2 Solar thermal collectors
3 Solar pump station

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