State-of-the-art oil heating system for highest efficiency: The new ROTEX A2 oil condensing boiler

Oil boiler

The new A2 oil condensing boiler, successor to the A1 model, is built on more than 20 years of experience in the area of oil condensing boiler technology at ROTEX. A state-of-the-art oil heating system, the A2 minimizes harmful emissions, is extremely easy to operate and converts fuel oil into useful heat with virtually no losses. The boiler features modulating operation, enabling output to be continually adapted to actual energy demand. The A2 can be installed right next to heating-oil safety tanks in the boiler room. It is available with output capacities of 18 kW, 24 kW and 32 kW.

The A2 is winning customers over with its compact dimensions (footprint of about 0.42 m²), minimal space requirements and easy installation in even the smallest of spaces as well as its low weigh – making it ideal suited as a replacement for existing oil boilers. The ROTEX product portfolio comprises a complete line of offerings for all oil heating needs – the hygienic Sanicube hot water storage tank and the Solaris solar thermal system as well as the variosafe heating-oil safety tank – and can thus provide maximum flexibility when heating systems are retrofitted. The Sanicube is designed in accordance with the latest requirements for the provision of heat and hygienic domestic water. Since the water remains in the storage tank for only a short time, the system ensures effective protection from Legionella bacteria. Its design eliminates the possibility of calcification and sediment buildup in the domestic water heat exchanger. For storing heating oil, ROTEX offers the double-wall, odor-blocking ROTEX variosafe heating-oil tank, which enables the oil to be stored right next to the boiler.

Intelligent technology for enhanced comfort and convenience

Depending on weather conditions and user behavior, a building’s heating requirements vary greatly. That’s why the A2 features modulating operation, which enables output to be continually adapted to actual energy demand. The new boiler is also equipped with the optimized Intelligent Storage Management (ISM), which maximizes energy efficiency and operational reliability while ensuring the convenient provision of heating and hot water. This optimization is ROTEX’s answer to both growing demand for ultra-convenient hot-water production – primarily the result of a trend toward increasingly top-end bathrooms and multiple showers – and declining demand for heat in thermally insulated buildings.

Intuitive digital control system

The A2 is equipped with the RoCon digital control platform and can thus be regulated via the ROTEX Control smartphone app when connected to the ROTEX RoCon B1 gateway. Values and parameters can be read on the boiler display, and settings can be adjusted quickly and intuitively. What’s more, expert technicians can monitor key system parameters at a glance and modify them as needed. When regulating the hot water temperature, the control system takes the outdoor temperature into account, automatically recognizing the time of year and switching the heating system on or off as appropriate. In addition to executing control functions for the A2, the RoCon hybrid control system also performs all management tasks relating to the heat storage tank. The overarching hybrid management system ensures maximum boiler efficiency and the extremely convenient provision of heating and hot water.

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