ROTEX to unveil three new products in the area of oil- and gas condensing boiler technology

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More compact. More efficient. More light-weight

ROTEX will be presenting three innovations in the area of condensing boiler technology at the ISH 2017: the GW smart wall-mounted gas condensing boiler, the GCU compact gas condensing boiler/solar combination and the A2 oil condensing boiler. 


GW smart wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boiler

The new GW smart wall-mounted gas condensing boiler will make its debut at the ISH 2017. The first wall-mounted boiler that was developed within the DAIKIN group is impressing customers with its modern design and future-oriented technology. The extremely light-weight boiler weighs just 27 kilograms and can be installed in a variety of settings thanks to its compact dimensions. All parts are accessible from the front of the unit, facilitating maintenance. The Lambda-Gx automatic combustion control system adapts to different types of gases, regulating the gas-air mixture completely electronically and thus maximizing efficiency in all output ranges. The modulation rate of 1:8 allows boiler and pump output to be tailored to individual requirements. An integrated flue gas check valve enables multiple functions while eliminating the need for separate flue gas certification. Smartphone control is available as an option.

The GW smart gas condensing boiler is available in both a T version and a C version for outputs ranging from 12kW to 35kW. With the C-version unit, water is heated instantaneously in continuous flow mode. The T unit is connected to a heat storage tank for the even more convenient provision of hot water.

The GW smart features cutting-edge control technology and is equipped with the ROTEX eye, which always shows the current operating mode.

The GW smart will be available as of the summer of 2017


GCU compact: New design and more flexible applications

ROTEX will launch the latest generation of its GCU compact gas condensing boiler/solar combination at the ISH 2017. Thanks to optimized hydraulic and combustion system designs, the unit’s height has been reduced. More flexible connection options to the rear and the top of the unit as well as the ready accessibility of its electronic components further enhance user friendliness. The new compact system can be installed in an even wider range of settings and is easier to use and to service. As part of the reengineering process, the design of the upper element on the boiler body was also modified. No changes were made to the integrated 300-liter or 500-liter high-capacity heat storage tank on which the gas condensing boiler is positioned.

The GCU compact unit is equipped with an automatic combustion control system that adapts to different types of gas and allows maximum efficiency in every output range. In addition, a solar panel system can be quickly and easily retrofitted at any time. A further option is the ROTEX Control app, which enables the flexible remote management of the boiler. The GCU compact belongs to the group of ECH2O products. All ROTEX products with this label are based on a unique heat storage principle. What’s more, they are extremely compact, ensure very convenient hot water production and can be used in combination with other heat sources.

The GCU compact will be available as of the summer of 2017.


New A2 oil condensing boiler

The new A2 oil condensing boiler, successor to the A1 model, is now being unveiled. This innovation is built on more than 20 years of experience in the area of oil condensing boilers at ROTEX. The A2’s modulating oil condensing boiler technology cuts energy consumption and maximizes efficiency. Based on the company’s proven stainless steel heat exchanger design and operating with a small amount of water, the A2 from ROTEX enables more efficient hot water production, particularly during the warmer months. The A2 is winning customers over with its compact dimensions (footprint of about 0.42 m²) and minimal space requirements as well as its easy installation in even the smallest of spaces and its low weight. When the boiler is used together with a ROTEX heat storage tank, the Soft Start function ensures a variable heat load and targeted energy management. The A2 features RoCon digital control and can thus be regulated via the ROTEX Control app when connected to the ROTEX RoCon B1 gateway. The highly versatile condensing boiler can be used in combination with a heat pump, a solar panel system or an external storage tank.

The A2 will be available as of the fall of 2017.

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