ROTEX GW smart: The smallest and lightest condensing boiler in its class

Gas boiler

The new ROTEX GW smart condensing boiler is winning customers over with its leading-edge design and trendsetting technology. The extremely light-weight wall-mounted gas boiler weighs just 27 kilograms and can be installed in a variety of settings thanks to its compact dimensions. All parts are accessible from the front of the unit, facilitating maintenance.

With its extremely compact dimensions, the GW smart gas condensing boiler is the ideal solution when installing new or replacement units in homes with one heating circuit. The GW smart boiler is available in a T-version and a C-version. With the C-version unit, water is heated instantaneously in the hygienic continuous flow mode. For the even more convenient provision of extremely hygienic domestic hot water, the T-version unit is used in conjunction with a high-performance ROTEX Sanicube thermal storage tank. An integrated three-way valve makes it very easy to connect the storage tank. Both versions are available for outputs ranging from 12 kW to 35 kW.

Energy-efficient boiler technology

The Lambda-Gx automatic combustion control system adapts to different types of gases, regulating the gas-air mixture completely electronically and maximizing efficiency in all output ranges and ensuring that the combustion of almost all types of gas, including liquefied gas, can be very tightly controlled. Thanks to their energy-saving boiler technology, wall-mounted gas condensing boilers from ROTEX such as the GW smart achieve efficiency levels of up to 109 percent.

Highly efficient and flexible operation

The modulation rate of 1:8 allows burner and pump output to be tailored to individual requirements. An integrated flue gas check valve enables multiple functions, thus eliminating the need for separate flue gas certification. Thanks to its burner unit, the boiler can operate continuously at a minimum capacity of 3 kW. In the hydraulics unit, the brass-soldered stainless heat exchanger offers outstanding heat transfer capacity and high corrosion resistance. In addition, the GW smart features cutting-edge control technology and is equipped with the ROTEX eye, which always displays the current operating mode.

Controlling the GW smart boiler via smartphone

As an option, the GW smart boiler can be controlled via smartphone app when used with the LAN adapter. The app not only executes boiler control functions but also monitors the system. This option for comprehensive system management enables the GW smart to be optimally geared to individual comfort preferences.

The GW smart condensing boiler will be available as of October 2017.

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