Next-generation heat pumps from ROTEX even more ecofriendly thanks to new refrigerant

Heat pump

Fit for the future: ROTEX is launching a new generation of heat pumps with its HPSU Bi-Bloc Ultra and HPSU compact Ultra systems. As part of the Bluevolution product series, both new models use the environmentally compatible and future-fit refrigerant R-32. They operate very quietly, making them particularly suitable for use in densely populated residential areas. When used in combination with the new high-efficiency compressor for the outdoor units, the new heat pumps achieve top efficiency ratings.

Thanks to Bluevolution technology, the two new air-to-water heat pumps from ROTEX – the HPSU compact Ultra and the HPSU Bi-Bloc Ultra – boost hot-water output by up to 40 percent. With flow temperatures of up to 65 °C, the new heat pumps are suitable for new buildings as well as for properties undergoing modernization. If underfloor heating is also being installed, the heat pumps can be used for both heating and cooling purposes – thus ensuring a pleasant indoor climate year-round. Quiet operation is essential for the outdoor unit of a heat pump, especially in densely populated residential areas. The outdoor units of the next-generation heat pumps from ROTEX offer particularly quiet nighttime operation, with a sound power level of just 35 dB(A) at a distance of three meters.

The two new heat pumps are equipped with a new intuitive control system with the ROTEX eye, which always displays the current operating mode. As an add-on, both can be controlled via smartphone app. The control system not only regulates the pump but also monitors the entire system. The heat pump units can also store substantial amounts of thermal energy, which is then used as needed to support the supply of heating or hot water. Both heat pumps are thus certified with the SG Ready label for smart-grid-enabled systems awarded by Germany’s heat pump association (Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V.). Furthermore, both are available with output levels of 4 kW, 7 kW and 8 kW.

The ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra for an all-in-one solution

The HPSU compact Ultra combines cutting-edge heat pump technology with an integrated heat storage tank – enabling heating, cooling and hot water requirements to be met by a single system. The new heat pump achieves outstanding efficiency by using the refrigerant R-32. The HPSU compact Ultra will be available as of May 2018.

The versatile HPSU Bi-Bloc Ultra for flexible applications

Comprising an outdoor unit, an indoor unit and a heat storage tank, the heat pump system can provide heating and cooling as well as hot water. The modular design of the HPSU BI-Bloc Ultra makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications: for instance, the compact indoor devices can easily be combined for use in multi-family dwellings.

Hygienic domestic water supply

Both heat pumps and their heat storage tanks belong to the group of ECH2O products. Based on a unique heat storage principle, all products with this label are extremely compact and ensure very convenient hot water production. To optimize water hygiene, a stainless-steel corrugated-pipe heat exchanger operates in continuous flow mode, heating domestic water instantaneously as needed. Based on the first-in-first-out principle, the water fed into the system first is the first to be discharged. Since the water remains in the storage tank for only a short time, the system ensures effective protection from Legionella bacteria. Its design eliminates the possibility of calcification and sediment buildup in the domestic water heat exchanger. Both heat pumps comprise flexible end-to-end solutions, because the heat storage tank can be retrofitted with a solar thermal system or a wood-burning stove equipped with a back boiler.

In addition to the standard ivory-colored paint finish, the outdoor units are available in four custom colors – anthracite gray, white aluminum, traffic white and ruby red. The color of the ROTEX heat pump’s outdoor unit can thus be selected to harmonize with the building exterior and to reflect individual design preferences. For additional noise protection, the heat pumps can be equipped with cladding that further reduces noise levels.

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