Maximum efficiency for hot water production – The new domestic hot water heat pump from ROTEX

Heat pump

When it comes to cutting household energy consumption, domestic hot water heat pumps are a smart and ecofriendly addition to a home’s technical installations. With its new HPDU monobloc heat pump, heating systems specialist ROTEX has unveiled a domestic hot water heat pump that extracts heat from the ambient air to supply hot water in the home. This innovative solution combines advanced heat pump technology with a high-efficiency hot water storage tank. In addition to being one of the quietest systems on the market, the HPDU monobloc is also one of the most efficient, with an efficiency rating of A+. 

Outstanding convenience and hygienic hot water

With three different operating modes (AUTO, ECO and BOOST), the HPDU monobloc heat pump offers users a high degree of comfort and convenience. In the ECO operating mode, only energy from renewable sources is used – cutting energy costs while also minimizing environmental impact since the energy consumed is carbon-neutral. When the heat pump runs on AUTO, an electric heating element is activated as needed to supplement the energy from renewables, ensuring optimum comfort under all conditions. The BOOST mode minimizes the amount of time required to produce hot water, enabling large quantities to be supplied very quickly. A special protective cycle that runs in all three operating modes enables rigorous hygiene standards to be met.

The ideal combination: a heat pump and a solar-thermal system

The hot water storage tank is available with a capacity of 200 liters or 260 liters. A solar-thermal system such as the ROTEX Solaris can be directly integrated into the 260-liter model. The HPDU monobloc can also be connected to a photovoltaic installation or, as a hybrid solution, used in combination with an additional energy source such as an oil condensing boiler or a wood boiler. What’s more, the new domestic hot water heat pump is smart-grid-ready. This means that the advanced control system automatically raises the hot-water target temperature as soon as enough energy is available from the photovoltaic installation – and the electrical energy generated can be thermally stored for later use.

Compact and very light-weight design for countless installation options

The ROTEX HPDU monobloc is a plug-and-play system can be installed very quickly and is compact enough to fit through any doorway. With its slim design and small footprint of just 0.36 m2, the HPDU monobloc can be installed in a wide variety of settings. The system’s light-weight design, which allows for fast and easy installation, is a further advantage. What’s more, the HPDU monobloc can be connected to an existing heating system.

Using renewables to comply with statutory regulations

The HPDU monobloc domestic hot water heat pump operates without fossil fuels and thus helps achieve compliance with the German Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG). Pursuant to the Act, a certain percentage of the heat in new buildings must come from renewable sources (with this percentage depending on the technology used) or an alternative measure must be implemented. The HPDU monobloc is ideally suited for use in detached and semi-detached homes as well as in new and existing buildings.



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