HPSU monobloc: New ROTEX heat pump for new builds

Heat pump

Compact all-in-one outdoor unit for flexible uses

With the new HPSU monobloc heat pump ROTEX launches an all-in-one-system at an attractive price. All important components are housed within the device so that it can be mounted quickly and on minimum space outside of buildings, without being an obtrusive sight. Its low flow temperature operation makes the heat pump ideal for new builds. The option of combining the HPSU monobloc with a ROTEX HybridCube thermal store and integrating a solar system makes the heat pump a flexible solution for newly constructed buildings.

Compact system for easy and cost-efficient installation in new builds
The special feature of the HPSU monobloc heat pump is that it works without an indoor unit as the outdoor unit incorporates all hydraulic components. With its compact dimensions the HPSU monobloc can also be installed where space is limited. This means that only the thermal store needs to be mounted inside the house. Heating is even possible when outside temperature drop as low as -25 °C. This guarantees heating and hot water preparation all year round.

Efficient coverage of varying heating demands
ROTEX‘ new HPSU monobloc is available in two performance designs (5 kW and 7 kW) that can operate at flow temperatures of up to +55 °C. The heat pump is one of the most efficient and at the same time compact systems of its type in the market. Thanks to the innovative ROTEX inverter technology that only uses energy when it is actually needed, the heat pump has a considerably higher efficiency than ON/OFF-controlled models. At the same time operating costs are lower.

Solar option in combination with a ROTEX thermal store: flexible and future-proof
When combined with the ROTEX HybridCube thermal store the HPSU monobloc can also be used to integrate solar systems which back up domestic water preparation and heating. For optimum water hygiene ROTEX consistently relies on corrugated stainless-steel heat exchangers which work in continuous flow-mode and heat water only when tapped. As the water only has a short dwell time in the store this system effectively and automatically shields off legionella.

Heating and cooling in combination with floor heating systems
Besides its heating function the heat pump also has an optional cooling function. This makes it possible to cool a building, for example in combination with an underfloor heating system. In this case the floor heating, as a large-scale heat distributing system, cools rooms gently and draft-free as required.

Future-proof heating that meets high efficiency standards
Already today heat pumps like the HPSU monobloc fulfil the high efficiency standards of the future. At the same time they can adjust to the low heat demands of new low energy houses. This makes the ROTEX HPSU monobloc a compact and at the same time energy efficient solution for heating and hot water preparation.

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