Fit for the future with next-generation heat pumps from ROTEX

Heat pump

Latest model offers very simple installation: The ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact heat pump

The HPSU monobloc compact air-to-water heat pump from ROTEX brings together the installation advantages of the company’s successful compact line in a single unit. All components are preinstalled on the heat exchanger, simplifying the installation process. The system’s hydraulic components are all integrated in a compact outdoor unit. Compared to other products of its category, the HPSU monobloc compact is thus the most easy to install. A closed cooling circuit eliminates the need for a refrigerant line. Only a water-side connection and the indoor installation of the heat storage tank are required. The HPSU monobloc compact can operate even at outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C, ensuring the year-round provision of heating and hot water. Available with a capacity of 5kW or 7kW, the heat pump offers flow temperatures of up to +55°C. The unit operates extremely efficiently, attaining a COP of up to 5 (A7/W35). The combined thermal store ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact can also be used in conjunction with a solar panel system to support the provision of domestic water and heating. The HPSU monobloc compact also belongs to the group of ECH2O products.

The ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact will be available in december 2017. In 2018 an extension of the line with higher output ranges will follow.

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