Easy installation requiring no certification in refrigerant handling: The new ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact heat pump

Heat pump

With its new HPSU monobloc compact air-to-water heat pump, ROTEX is launching a single-block version of Germany’s best-selling split-system compact heat pump. The new heat pump, which requires no refrigerant line, combines all the advantages of a monobloc heat pump with those of a hygienic heat storage tank – thus uniting the installation advantages of the successful ROTEX compact line in a single system. All components are preinstalled on the heat storage tank, simplifying the installation process. The main hydraulic components are also already integrated in the compact outdoor unit. The new HPSU monobloc compact is thus very easy to install compared to other products in its category.

The HPSU monobloc compact heat pump comprises an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The main hydraulic components are integrated in the outdoor unit, which has a completely closed cooling circuit – enabling the heating pipes to run directly from the outdoor unit into the building. The closed cooling circuit eliminates the need for a refrigerant line, and no certification in refrigerant handling is required for installation or commissioning. The indoor unit comprises a heat storage tank with an integrated heat-pump control system. Installation is extremely quick and easy: only a water-side connection and the setup of the indoor unit are required. All necessary components are preinstalled on the heat storage tank. The HPSU monobloc compact’s low weight and space-saving footprint further facilitate handling for technicians.

Substantial energy savings due to inverter technology and intelligent storage management

The outdoor unit’s inverter technology and the indoor unit’s intelligent storage management (ISM) substantially cut the amount of energy required to operate the HPSU monobloc compact. The ISM maximizes energy efficiency and operational reliability while also ensuring the convenient provision of heat and hot water. With bypass management already integrated, no external overflow valve is needed. What’s more, the ISM uses internal stored heat to support the defrost cycle.

Hygienic domestic water based on the ECH2O principle

The heat storage tank (300-liter or 500-liter capacity) feature the ECH2O label. All ROTEX products with this label are based on a unique heat storage principle: the heat is stored not in the domestic water itself but in the separate storage water. To optimize convenience and hygiene, a stainless-steel corrugated-pipe heat exchanger operates in continuous-flow mode, heating domestic water instantaneously as needed. The system is a flexible end-to-end solution, because the heat storage tank can be retrofitted at any time with a solar thermal system or a wood-burning stove equipped with a back boiler.

Year-round heating and cooling comfort

The HPSU monobloc compact can operate in heating mode even at outdoor temperatures as low as -25 °C. The system can thus provide heating and hot water year-round as well as gentle cooling in summer. Available with a capacity of 5 kW or 7 kW, the heat pump operates at flow temperatures of up to +55 °C and achieves an outstanding energy-efficiency rating of A++ for space heating.

In addition to the standard ivory-colored paint finish, the outdoor units are available in four custom colors – anthracite gray, white aluminum, traffic white and ruby red. The color of the outdoor unit can thus be selected to harmonize with the building exterior.

The ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact is available as of December 2017.

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