ROTEX Chronology

ROTEX chronology ROTEX sets trends with innovative and environmentally friendly heating systems.

The history of ROTEX heating systems is marked by numerous innovative products and developments. Founded in 1973 as a plastics processor, ROTEX GmbH started producing heating oil storage tanks made of polyethylene (PE) in 1978. The company succeeded in quickly claiming a leading position on the market in this sector.

With new product groups – from underfloor heating and hot water storage tanks right up to solar technology – ROTEX continued to achieve further developments in heating and household technology. With the development of the pioneering ROTEX A1 boiler series in 1996, the company offers a complete product line of boiler/burner combinations with gas and oil condensing boiler technology.

Today ROTEX sees itself as a provider of complete, innovative and environmentally friendly heating systems. With the ROTEX EcoHybrid, the company provides a complete system that covers all areas of heating (heat generation, water heating and distribution as well as heating oil storage). All components are technically sophisticated, carefully adapted to one another and processed in high quality.

The company's portfolio includes air/water heat pumps, condensing boilers for oil and gas, solar systems, hot water storage tanks, underfloor heating, heating oil storage tanks, rainwater storage tanks and a connective installation system for sanitary and heating facilities.

On 1 October 2008, ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH became a 100% subsidiary of Daikin Europe N.V. (Oostende/Belgium). DAIKIN Europe is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd., a listed company domiciled in Osaka, Japan, with approximately 60,000 employees worldwide.

1963 - Founding of RM Technik

Production range: mechanical and pneumatic level measuring devices, thermostatic valves, thermometers, manometers, plastic distributors for underfloor heating systems, safety devices for heating oil storage.

1973 - Founding of ROTEX GmbH

Start of business operation with the production of polyamide plastic battery tanks manufactured using the rotational moulding method.

1976 - Production of surfboards

Production of surfboards using the rotational moulding method.

1978 Production change-over to the blow moulding method

Abandonment of the rotational moulding method and production change-over to the blow moulding method.

ROTEX sets trends: with the ROTEX variosystem a new generation of heating oil storage tanks is born. The first system tanks for heating oil storage.

1979 - Blow moulding method for the production of surfboards

Blow moulding method for the pROTEX develops the blow moulding method for the production of surfboards.

ROTEX sets trends: the world's first blow-moulded surfboard appears on the market.uction of surfboards

1980 - Start in production of pipe extrusion

Start in production of pipe extrusion: production of PE-X underfloor heating pipes; production of PE-X sanitary pipes for industrial water installation.

1981 - Production of entirely plastic hot water tanks

Production of entirely plastic hot water tanks.
Production of industrial water heat pumps.

1982 - Consolidation with RM Technik

Consolidation with sister company RM Technik. New company name: RM ROTEX GmbH.

1985 - Production of heating oil tanks and underfloor heating

Start in production of the 1000-l system tank in the ROTEX variosystem. Start in production of underfloor heating as a complete system.

1986 - Global sale of HiFly windsurfing boards

Adoption of brand name “HiFly" and shell company “HiFly GmbH” and start in the global sale of HiFly windsurfing boards.

1987 - Market introduction of ROTEX System 70

Market introduction of the ROTEX System 70 — the heating distribution system for underfloor heating and radiators.

1991 - Market introduction of the ROTEX highcube tank

Approval and market introduction of the ROTEX highcube with 1500-l and 2000-l heating oil storage tanks.

ROTEX sets trends: the highcube is the first "space-saving tank”.

1992 - Start in production of roof boxes

Approval of the 600-l tank in the variosystem. Start in production of roof boxes RoofBag 410 and 300.

1993 - Market introduction of rainwater storage tanks

Market introduction of the ROTEX variocistern — the rainwater storage tank.

1994 - Name changed to ROTEX GmbH Metall- und Kunststofftechnik

Name changed to ROTEX GmbH Metall- und Kunststofftechnik.

On 1 July 1994 ROTEX is one of the industry's first companies to be certified in accordance with DIN/ISO 9001.

1995 - ROTEX Heizöltanks with maximum odour block

ROTEX sets trends: as of October 1995 all ROTEX tanks are manufactured only by means of the TITEC method – TITEC against oil odour.

1996 - Start in production of the boiler ROTEX A1

Presentation and start in production of the boiler ROTEX A1.

ROTEX sets trends: the first boiler comprising of the material combination Twintec (aluminium and stainless steel) represents the dawn of a new boiler era.

1997 - Innovation prize for the ROTEX A1

ROTEX sets trends: through the market introduction of the boiler ROTEX A1, the complete system "ROTEX Heating" is created.

ROTEX is awarded the innovation prize "Flamme de Bronze" for its boiler ROTEX A1 at the international fair trade Interclima ’97 in Paris.

1998 - New safety oil tank. ROTEX A1 is awarded 1st price.

Presentation of the new safety oil tank ROTEX variosafe made of PE plastic and equipped with a non-corrosion collection pan and a TITEC barrier layer to prevent oil odour.

The patented boiler body of the A1 is awarded 1st prize at the aluminium die-casting competition in 1998. The prize is assigned on a yearly basis by the Verband Deutscher Schmelzhütten (Association of German Smelteries) for innovative and impressive products in terms of moulding technology.

1999 - Market introduction of the ROTEX A1 oil condensing boiler.

Market introduction of the boiler ROTEX A1 with oil condensing boiler technology. The most compact oil condensing boiler on the market.

ROTEX sets trends: ROTEX provides a unique long-term warranty for all its boilers: the previous rust-through warranty of 5 years is increased to 10 years following further successful tests.

2001 - Market introduction of the ROTEX GasSolarUnit

Market introduction of the ROTEX GasSolarUnit.

ROTEX sets trends: a completely new construction. Gas condensing boiler and hot water storage tank with solar option in a single device.

2002 - ROTEX takes full account of condensing technology

ROTEX sets trends: ROTEX is the first manufacturer to completely remove low-temperature heating boilers from its range.

2002 - Winner of boiler test 06/2002

The ROTEX A1 oil condensing boiler is the winner of boiler test in June 2002.

2003 - Change to ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH

Change in company's name to ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH.

2004 - First ROTEX InfoCentre in Ingolstadt

The first ROTEX InfoCentre is opened in Ingolstadt. ROTEX now has eight InfoCentres in Germany.

2005 - Start of solar collector production

Construction of a company-own production line for solar panels.

2008 - Ready for BioOil. ROTEX now a member of the Daikin Group.

ROTEX sets trends: ready for BioOil. All ROTEX oil condensing boilers are equipped for use with heating oil with up to 20% biogenic constituents.

In October 2008, ROTEX became a complete subsidiary of Daikin Europe N.V., allowing large growth potential in the field of high-efficiency heating systems to be made use of.

2009 - Market introduction of the ROTEX HPSU

Market introduction of the first ROTEX air/water heat pump HPSU.

2010 - Market launch of the ROTEX HPSU compact

ROTEX sets trends: a completely new construction. Air/water heat pump and hot water storage tank with solar option in a single device.

2011 - Feel-good climate all year round with Comfort 365

With the "Comfort 365" ROTEX sets another heating trend: a feel-good climate all year round thanks to active building conditioning. Cosiness in winter - cooling comfort in summer.

Market introduction of the ROTEX HPSU compact 308: Regenerative air/water heat pump with integrated 300 l solar storage tank with 0.36 m² footprint.

2012 - ROTEX increases the warranty for the A1 oil condensing boiler

ROTEX celebrates 15 years A1 oil boilers (since its market launch In 1997): The durability of the ROTEX A1 oil boiler documented ROTEX from 01st July 2012 with a unique long-term warranty of 15 years and increases the existing warranty from 10 to 15 years for the boiler body in Germany.

2013 - ROTEX products in a new design and technical innovations

40 years ROTEX – 40 years heating trends: company’s anniversary and on the occasion of ISH 2013 ROTEX presents its new product portfolio (air-to-water heat pump, gas and oil condensing boilers, thermal stores and heat distribution) which was further developed. The products are presented in a completely new design and outstanding technical details. The focus of the optimization was to provide the sophisticated system solutions with additional benefits for installers and end-users and to maximize the efficiency of the systems further.

Market introduction of the ROTEX HPU hybrid: The gas hybrid heat pump ROTEX HPU hybrid combines an air source heat pump utilising renewables with energy efficient gas condensing technology.

2014 - ROTEX expands heat pump portfolio

ROTEX expands the heat pump portfolio with a ground source heat pump: Market introduction of the ROTEX HPU ground.

ROTEX celebrates 20 years ROTEX A1 (Patent application in 1994): With the patent application for the oil boiler A1 20 years ago ROTEX has written heating system history. This was the foundation for the first oil condensing boiler ROTEX A1 that was sold in large numbers. Since then, the A1 has been continuously developed and is technically up to date. For the anniversary the ROTEX A1 is offered for a special price and the warranty is retroactively extended to 15 years.

2015 - Launch HPSU monobloc

Launch of the ROTEX HPSU monobloc: all hydraulic components are already integrated in the compact all-in-one outdoor unit.

2016 - Product update HPSU compact / Launch GW top

Update of the air-to-water heat pump HPSU compact. New design and now even more flexible in application.

Expansion of the program of wall mounted gas condensing boiler with the launch of GW top.

2017 - Keymark certification for the HPU ground

The ground source heat pump HPU ground has been awarded, as first heat pump from ROTEX, with the HP Keymark certification.

2018 - new heat pump Generation + new oil condensing Boiler

Launch of the new heat pump Generation - powered by Bluevolution with the environmentally friendliy refrigerant R-32 as well as the launch of the oil condensing Boiler A2.



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