ROTEX - heating specialist with decades of experience

ROTEX is a manufacturer and supplier of complete innovative and environmentally responsible heating systems.

Since 1973, ROTEX has stood for innovation and know-how in the field of heat generation, storage and distribution.

The history of ROTEX heating systems is marked by numerous innovative products and developments. Founded in 1973 as a plastics processor, ROTEX GmbH started producing heating oil storage tanks made of polyethylene (PE) in 1978. The company succeeded in quickly claiming a leading position on the market in this sector. With new product groups – from underfloor heating and hot water storage tanks right up to solar technology – ROTEX continued to achieve further developments in heating and household technology. Today ROTEX sees itself as a provider of complete, innovative and environmentally friendly heating systems.

ROTEX offers products that are highly flexible, cover a range of applications while remaining open to adaptation and expansion. Our top quality heating components are perfectly matched and our R&D department pursues benefits to users and trade partners as a top priority during product development.

ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Daikin Europe NV since 2008, making it a member of the DAIKIN Group, the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of products for heating, ventilation and climate control. 

The most important factors that drive our company to success are quality, service, environmental protection, employee orientation and flexibility.

Company key data

ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH
Langwiesenstraße 10
D - 74363 Güglingen
Fon +49 (71 35) 103 - 0

Georg Blümel, Shigeki Morita


100% subsidiary of Daikin Europe N.V.
Since 2008 parent company Daikin Europe N.V.

approx. 280

Business divisions

  • heat pump
  • Condensing boilers for oil and gas
  • Thermal stores
  • Solar system
  • Heat distribution / Underfloor heating
  • Heating oil storage tanks
  • Rainwater storage tanks

Product philosophy

The goal of the ROTEX product philosophy is to save energy, to relieve the environment and to increase the comfort for the user. Maximum use of renewable energies in order to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel and to emit less CO2.

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