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ROTEX Solaris

Here you will find instructions for the ROTEX Solaris solar system.

Technical documentation Title Version
ROTEX Solaris

Installation manual additional pump RPS4 No. 164243

Version: 04/2016, 1.2 MB

ROTEX Solaris RPS4

Operating and installation instructions
Control and pump unit for Solaris solar systems

Version: 04/2016, 4.0 MB

ROTEX Control Unit DSR1

Installation and operating instructions for pressurised solar system

Version: 12/2015, 518 KB

ROTEX Solaris RDS2

Instruction manual solar pressure station RDS2

Version: 06/2015, 352 KB

ROTEX Solaris

Installation instructions on-roof installation

Version: 09/2012, 3.8 MB

ROTEX Solaris

Installation manual flat roof installation

Version: 09/2012, 3.7 MB

ROTEX Solaris

Installation instructions In-roof installation

Version: 09/2012, 4.7 MB

Quick start guide Title Version
ROTEX Solaris

Installation manual spare part URS RPS4 - SC13 No. E1600298

Version: 11/2015, 512 KB

Accessories Title Version
ROTEX Solaris

Installation manual Solaris RDS2 + DSR1

Version: 09/2015, 184 KB

ROTEX Solaris

Installation and instruction certificate

Version: 07/2014, 245 KB

ROTEX Solaris

Supplementary sheet for ROTEX Solaris flat roof frames
Wind load resistance

Version: 03/2010, 432 KB