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ROTEX Sanicube / HybridCube

Here you will find instructions for the ROTEX Sanicube / HybridCube solar stratified storage tanks.

Technical documentation Title Version
Convection brake

Installation convection brake SKB Nr. 165070

Version: 03/2015, 96 KB

ROTEX Sanicube / HybridCube

Installation and maintenance instructions

Version: 08/2015, 4.2 MB

Quick start guide Title Version
ROTEX Connection Set A1

for hydraulic connection of a thermal store to the A1 condensing boiler

Version: 05/2015, 753 KB

ROTEX storage tanks/GCU compact/HPSU compact

Assembly instruction saftety overflow

Version: 06/2015, 217 KB

ROTEX Storage tank seal replacement

Installation manual spare part ATS-SD E1600297 replacement storage tank seal

Version: 10/2015, 700 KB

ROTEX Storage tank incorporation heat exchanger

Kit for connecting a wood-burning, pellet, oil or gas boiler the HSPU compact or a ROTEX storage tank

Version: 11/2015, 664 KB