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ROTEX GCU compact

Here you will find instructions for the ROTEX GCU compact gas condensing boiler.

Technical documentation Title Version
ROTEX GCU compact

Spare part E1500796 DFS DN10 for GCU compact 315/515 and 324/524

Version: 03/2015, 1.0 MB

Convection brake

Installation convection brake SKB Nr. 165070

Version: 03/2015, 96 KB

ROTEX GCU compact

Installation and maintenance instructions
Gas Combi Unit compact

Version: 04/2016, 5.1 MB

Operating manual Title Version
ROTEX GCU compact

Operating manual

Version: 06/2013, 669 KB

Quick start guide Title Version
ROTEX Safety module for the GCU compact

Installation manual

Version: , 669 KB

ROTEX storage tanks/GCU compact/HPSU compact

Assembly instruction saftety overflow

Version: 06/2015, 217 KB

ROTEX GCU compact

Instruction manual parameter settings initial start-up

Version: 10/2015, 415 KB

ROTEX Storage tank seal replacement

Installation manual spare part ATS-SD E1600297 replacement storage tank seal

Version: 10/2015, 700 KB

ROTEX RoCon G1 Gateway

Installation Manual for Central Control Unit

Version: 04/2016, 135 KB

Accessories Title Version
ROTEX GCU compact

Installation and instruction certificate

Version: 07/2013, 191 KB

ROTEX exhaust connection kit GCU compact

Set GCU2 155079.18

Version: 09/2013, 492 KB

RoCon air ventilation

Operation manual for RoCon air ventilation (GCU compact, A1 and HPSU compact).

Version: 01/2014, 1.4 MB

ROTEX GCU compact

Overflow valve UESV for the GCU compact 3xx

Version: 06/2014, 280 KB

ROTEX overflow valve GCU compact

UESV 20/25 for GCU compact 3xx

Version: , 287 KB

ROTEX Control Unit

Operating manual RoCon BF
Electronic Control unit for oil and gas condensing boilers

Version: 07/2015, 1.3 MB