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Here you will find instructions for the ROTEX A1 oil condensing boiler.

Technical documentation Title Version
ROTEX A1 oil

Installation and maintenance instructions ROTEX A1 BO

Version: 04/2016, 6.4 MB


Oil burner BLB 20 bio ORZ/ZTFÜ E1500569

Version: 08/2014, 2.1 MB

Operating manual Title Version
ROTEX A1 oil

Operating manual ROTEX A1 BO

Version: 04/2013, 0.9 MB

Quick start guide Title Version
ROTEX Connection Set A1

for hydraulic connection of a thermal store to the A1 condensing boiler

Version: 05/2015, 753 KB

ROTEX Boiler incorporation A1

Kit for connecting of a ROTEX A1 condensing boiler for bivalent
operation with an HPSU compact.

Version: 07/2013, 773 KB

ROTEX Safety group for the A1 product range

Installation manual

Version: 05/2015, 558 KB

Burner conversion kit for A1 BO

Burner conversion kit URS25e (154629) and URS35e (154636) for A1 BO

Version: 03/2014, 739 KB

Burner conversion kit for A1 BO

Burner conversion kit URS12 (154615) and URS20 (154624) for A1 BO

Version: , 745 KB

Accessories Title Version

Spare part combustion chamber insert NRS-BKE #E1500431

Version: 02/2015, 608 KB

RoCon air ventilation

Operation manual for RoCon air ventilation (GCU compact, A1 and HPSU compact).

Version: 01/2014, 1.4 MB

Burner setting ROTEX A1 BLB 15 / 20 / 27 / 35

Instructions for burner settings
spare part E1500568 / E1500569 / E1500570 / E1500571

Version: 07/2016, 2.2 MB