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ROTEX HPSU compact

Here you will find instructions for the ROTEX HPSU compact heat pump.

Technical documentation Title Version
KA KFE BA DB 0081628199 00 0516 web com

Installation manual KFE BA-DB #16 52 16

Version: 05/2016, 719 KB

HPSU compact Additional Information

Allowable pipe length indoor unit to outdoor unit

Version: 04/2016, 50 KB

ROTEX HPSU compact

Installation and operating instructions

Version: 04/2016, 6.7 MB

Convection brake

Installation convection brake SKB Nr. 165070

Version: 03/2015, 96 KB

ROTEX heat pumps

Technical data ROTEX heat pumps HPSU/HPU

Version: 11/2013, 2.4 MB

ROTEX G-plus

Installer and user manual gas fired condensing back-up heater

Version: 05/2011, 1.6 MB

Operating manual Title Version
ROTEX heat pumps

Operating manual

Version: 11/2014, 475 KB

ROTEX HPSU compact

Instruction manual ROTEX HPSU compact
Solar tank with integrated interior heat pump unit

Version: 09/2013, 3.1 MB

Quick start guide Title Version
ROTEX HPSU compact

Installation manual

Version: 04/2016, 0.9 MB

Electric immersion heater for HPSU compact

Additional heating for HSPU compact. Electric immersion heater BUH9 (141028), BUH3 (141051) und BUH1 (141041)

Version: 03/2016, 1.8 MB

ROTEX Storage tank incorporation heat exchanger

Kit for connecting a wood-burning, pellet, oil or gas boiler the HSPU compact or a ROTEX storage tank

Version: 11/2015, 664 KB

ROTEX Storage tank seal replacement

Installation manual spare part ATS-SD E1600297 replacement storage tank seal

Version: 10/2015, 700 KB

ROTEX storage tanks/GCU compact/HPSU compact

Assembly instruction saftety overflow

Version: 06/2015, 217 KB

ROTEX HPSU compact

Spare part E1400136 NRS-P2K

Version: 04/2015, 287 KB

HPSU compact

Spare Part E1400132 KPDL

Version: 03/2015, 201 KB

ROTEX HPSU compact/HP convector

Assembly instruction HPc connection cable HPSU compact / HP convector
Nr. 14 20 15

Version: 11/2014, 853 KB

ROTEX Boiler incorporation A1

Kit for connecting of a ROTEX A1 condensing boiler for bivalent
operation with an HPSU compact.

Version: 07/2013, 773 KB

Accessories Title Version
ZB HPSU compact V5 Setup 0081435044 01 0316 web GB

Startup Checklist

Version: 04/2016, 225 KB

ROTEX sensor sealing kit

Spare part E1400177
for Units with high humidity and cooling mode

Version: 11/2015, 389 KB

HPSU compact

Spare part VSF 5-100L No. E1500802

Version: 02/2015, 1.1 MB

ROTEX HPSU compact

Startup Checklist - check off executed action

Version: 04/2014, 170 KB

RoCon air ventilation

Operation manual for RoCon air ventilation (GCU compact, A1 and HPSU compact).

Version: 01/2014, 1.4 MB

ROTEX outdoor temperature sensor for HPSU compact

RoCon OT1

Version: 10/2013, 192 KB

ROTEX sensor sealing kit

Spare part E1400097
for Units with high humidity and cooling mode

Version: 10/2013, 139 KB