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ROTEX solar thermal systems.
Sunny prospects.

ROTEX Solaris – the high-performance solar thermal system.

ROTEX Solaris exploits the energy from the sun for hot water and heating. Hygienic, with maximum efficiency and cost saving.

Best efficiency with solar

Hooking up a solar thermal system is the most effective way to reach a higher overall system efficiency class. The ROTEX thermal store are already optimised for hooking up with a solar thermal system and in combination with ROTEX Solaris, this system will become your own personal ‚solar heater‘.

Information about energy labeling

E.g. Package label:


Oil condensing boiler
A1 BO 20-e in combination
with thermal store
SCS 538/16/0-DB and
4 collectors V26P

Your benefits

  • Efficient utilisation of free solar energy for hot water and heating
  • Hygienic hot water generation
  • Optimum temperature stratification in the ROTEX solar thermal store increases solar use
  • Perfect incorporation with the most varied of heating systems