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ROTEX variocistern.
Rainwater utilisation by design.

Clean water, very easy to clean installation – can be combined with all systems.

The tanks are made from non-translucent plastic. The light-dependent growth of biomass and associated putrefaction and smell is therefore excluded. If, over a period of many years, and despite fine pre-filtration, deposits should collect on the floor of the tank, cleaning the tank is very simple. The cleaning and draining openings at the top of the tank facilitate simple cleaning by spraying out.

ROTEX variocistern is a variable tank system for storing rainwater in buildings. The individual tanks are manufactured in a blowing process using top quality plastic and are therefore completely corrosion-free. ROTEX variocistern is available in tank sizes 750 and 1,000 l.

Combinable with all systems.

Combinable with all systems.

The variocistern ROTEX rainwater storage tank can be combined with all the commercially available domestic water systems. This makes it the optimum choice both for new buildings and for retrofitting in existing buildings. For periods of increased use the modular system guarantees rapid simple adaption using the extension tank variocistern B. In order to guarantee water for consumption during extended dry periods there is a top-up kit for topping-up with mains water.