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ROTEX low temperature heat pumps.
Simply ideal.

ROTEX new build Solutions.

With the HPSU compact, ROTEX offers a particularly compact and pioneering complete solution. The compact unit incorporates the indoor unit of the heat pump into the solar thermal store – in the smallest possible space. The complete heating centre is incorporated on just 0.36 m2 (HPSU compact 304/308) or 0.62 m2 (HPSU compact 508/516). This means that they are flexible in selection of the erection location and simple and rapid installation is guaranteed.

The electronic management of the heat pump and thermal store (ISM = Intelligent Store Management) maximises energy-efficiency and thus also the heating and hot water convenience. The HPSU compact is "Smart Grid Ready" and is therefore equipped for the energy cost reducing operation of tomorrow. Hot water generation is carried out on the instantaneous through-flow principle and is characterised by the highest hygienic quality. You should not be satisfied with anything less.

Best efficiency with solar

Hooking up a solar thermal system is the most effective way to reach a higher overall system efficiency class. The ROTEX HPSU compact is already optimised for linking up with a solar thermal system – when you connect it to a ROTEX Solaris, will become your own personal ‚solar heater‘. The integral central heating backup and large storage volume will raise your system‘s energy efficiency ratings for both domestic hot water and space heating.

Information about energy labeling


Perfect climate: Heating in the winter – cooling in the summer.

Perfect climate: Heating in the winter – cooling in the summer.

The HPSU compact can not only provide heating but can also cool if required. Your feel-good climate in every season.

„Smart Grid Ready"

„Smart Grid Ready"

The "Smart Grid Ready" label for all ROTEX HPSU compact heat pumps certifies their suitability for so-called power-controlled operation.

In order not to overload the power networks, wind power generator wheels are often turned off if more current is produced than is required. Storage systems are required to collect these production spikes. Heating systems with heat pumps can act as these types of storage. If required, you can transform excess power into thermal energy which then can be "stored" in a buffer or hot water storage tank. Even today, network operators can switch off heat pump installations in the event of power shortages. In order to exploit your storage potential even better, the heat pump requires appropriate smart controller technology. Users can see this by the "Smart Grid Ready" label.

Your benefits

Highest efficiency

  • Exploitation of free, regenerative ambient energy of the sun and the air

Innovative technology

  • Intelligent store management (ISM) for maximum energy-efficiency and the highest heating and hot water convenience
  • Intuitively operated electronic controller
  • Smart Grid Ready

Domestic water hygiene

  • Highest levels of hygiene as a result of the separation of store and potable water
  • No deposits, no Legionella generation

As if it were made for you

  • Heating, cooling and hot water
  • Economical and quiet in use
  • Compact dimensions, simple installation and smallest possible space requirement
  • Flexible application, direct combination with solar system or existing heating system possible
Smart Grid Ready-Label for
ROTEX HPSU compact
ehpa cachet for ROTEX HPSU compact 
Plus X Award for HPSU compactWith Comfort 365 heating in the winter - gently cooling in summer.