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Ground source heat pump
HPU ground

Brine-to-water heat pumps offers maximum efficiency regardless of the outside temperature.

ROTEX HPU ground – the ground source heat pump that heats with free geothermal energy. Compact, environmentally responsible and uniquely efficient.





Environmentally friendly and economical

Use of free and renewable geothermal energy (geothermal probe or geothermal collectors).

Highest efficiency

Inverter technology ensures efficient operation at any outside temperature

Space-saving and quiet

Compact size and easy installation in a small space.

Simple, comfortable, individually

User-friendly control with integrated energy management.

Product description

Attractive design with a very small footprint

Thanks to its compact design, the system needs a very small installation area of just 728 x 600 mm – roughly the same as a washing machine. At just 1.73 m tall, the combined heat pump module and DHW tank fits in any standard room.

Benchmark – the seasonal performance factor

This indicates the ratio of heating energy you use throughout the year in relation to the auxiliary energy used. The higher the seasonal performance factor, the more efficient the heat pump. Intelligent inverter technology means that the heat pump is run with higher brine temperatures in standard mode. This significantly increases the efficiency of the system, as shown by the high seasonal performance factor. The ROTEX HPU ground sets a whole new standard for ground source heat pumps..

Inverter technology for greater efficiency

The ROTEX ground source heat pump delivers exceptional
performance thanks to its highly efficient inverter technology. When the building does not require heating at full capacity, the heat pump reduces its output, making it much more efficient.


One output – many applications

Thanks to inverter technology the HPU ground offers an output that ranges from 3 kW -10 kW. With the boost function this can be increased to 13 kW, extending still further the number of applications that can benefit from this heat pump. In low energy houses, the heat source can have smaller dimensions. This saves money when probe drilling or selecting a geothermal collector.

Structure and function

How it works

Heat pumps use free environmental heat such as naturally occurring geothermal energy for heating systems, a principle with a well-proven track record on the European market. The ROTEX HPU ground uses free geothermal heat to obtain all the energy required to heat your home and provide all of the domestic hot water you need. It is environmentally friendly and extremely efficient.

Boost function for maximum heating output

If the building requires a greater heating capacity, ROTEX HPU ground uses its integrated boost function to increase the output without the need for an additional
immersion heater.

Energy efficiency class

September 2015: Energy efficiency label now also for heating

The energy labels provide reliable efficiency classes. These labels will make it easier to compare individual heating products and decide which ones to buy.

ROTEX HPU ground


Information about the energy efficiency labels

System additions

Underfloor heating