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ROTEX heat pumps.
Economical and quiet.

The compressor – the heart of the heat pump.

What the engine is to the automobile, the compressor is to the heat pump. This has a decisive role in the energy efficency of the entire heat pump.

ROTEX is one of the leading global companies in the field of airconditioning and heat pump technology. The compressors in the ROTEX heat pump are developed and manufactured within the group. This means that we can draw upon the know-how provided by many millions of compressors produced by the leader in the field of this technology.

They are precisely designed for this application and are optimised for energy consumption.

Economical and quiet as a result of output-modulating operation

All ROTEX heat pumps use so-called inverter technology. This is used to operate the compressor in an output range variable between 50 and 100 %, and this means that the output of the heat pump is continuously matched to the demand. This also increases the energy efficiency of HPSU considerably, in the same way as you will be familiar with from your car when you back off the accelerator.This output management leads to whisper-quiet operation.