Heat pumps for new build and modernization

Regenerative heating with free environmental heat

All ROTEX heat pumps employ inverter technology, which operates the compressor variably between 50 and 100 % power. In other words, the output of the heat pump is continuously adjusted to meet the demand. This increases the energy efficiency of ROTEX heat pumps significantly and leads to outstandingly quiet operation. An inverter-controlled heat pump offers a much higher efficiency compared to an ON/OFF-controlled heat pump, which leads to a higher performance (COP) with simultaneously low operating costs.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps utilise freely available environmental heat for heating systems, such as that in the ambient air or naturally occurring geothermal heat.  This principle is comparable to using a refrigerator or air conditioning system in reverse and has already proven its worth in millions of installations on the European market.

Air-to-water heat pump

Air-to-water heat pumps utilise the ambient air as their heat source. They can therefore be installed quickly and inexpensively.

ROTEX HPSU compact

The complete solution: State of the art heat pump technology with integral thermal store. Hygienic and open to additional heat sources.

  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water
  • Hygienic hot water generation
  • Direct combination with solar thermal systems or existing heating systems possible


The flexible solution: Innovative technology and flexible integration into the building.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Compact dimensions
  • Flexible application, direct combination with solar thermal systems possible (in combination with ROTEX HybridCube)

ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact

Flexible application and easy installation.

  • Heating and cooling
  • Hygienic hot water generation
  • Easy installation - only water connection required


The high-temperature solution: 2-stage air-to-water heat pump for flow temperatures up to 80 °C

  • Heating and domestic hot water
  • Integration of existing radiators
  • Ideal for modernisation projects

Gas hybrid heat pump

The new ROTEX HPU hybrid unites a renewable air-to-water heat pump with energy saving gas condensing technology. The internal part of the heat pump, typically takes up no more space than a conventional gas boiler. 

ROTEX HPU hybrid

The combined solution: Smart modernisation with heat pump and gas.

  • Heating and cooling
  • DHW heating with instantaneous water heater or thermal store
  • Easy integration into existing heating systems

Ground source heat pump

Using geothermal probes or geothermal collectors, ground source heat pump extracts the heat from below the surface of the ground. 

HPU ground

The highly efficient solution: Ground source heat pumps supply the highest efficiency levels regardless of the outside temperature.

  • Heating and domestic hot water
  • Stable heating output independent of the outside temperature
  • Inverter technology ensures efficient operation

Best efficiency with solar

Hooking up a solar thermal system is the most effective way to reach a higher overall system efficiency class. The ROTEX HPSU compact is already optimised for linking up with a solar thermal system – when you connect it to a ROTEX Solaris, will become your own personal ‚solar heater‘. The integral central heating backup and large storage volume will raise your system‘s energy efficiency ratings for both domestic hot water and space heating.

Information about energy labels

ROTEX new-build solutions

Comfortable warmth in the winter, gentle cooling in heat pump the summer. The variable ROTEX HPSU compact reduces your heating costs to a minimum.

ROTEX solutions for modernisation with radiators

The ROTEX HPSU hitemp high temperature heat pump provides a heating water temperature of up to 80 °C.

With the new gas hybrid heat pump ROTEX HPU hybrid you get the benefits of two techniques. The HPU hybrid always automatically selects the best heating mode and can be integrated directly in a existing heating system if a gas Boiler is exchanged.

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