Oil condending boiler

Maximum efficiency for all types of heating oil. Environmentally-friendly, economical and ready for Bio-Oil.

When replacing existing boilers, the ROTEX A1 achieves energy savings up to 40% thanks to its outstanding levels of efficiency. The A1 requires only a small footprint and has a low weight. This makes it ideal for the boiler exchange. And to ensure that your investment pays off, ROTEX gives you a 15-year guarantee on the boiler body.

System advantages

Meets your needs

Ideal for replacement of existing oil boilers with small footprint and easy renovating of the chimney.

Future-proof and flexible

With a ROTEX thermal store a direct combination with a solar system is possible and can be added anytime.

15-year guarantee

Long-term guarantee on the boiler body.

Control via smartphone

Intuitive electronic regulation and control with the ROTEX app.

Product description

Modernize your consumption

The ROTEX A1 is ideal as a replacement for older boilers. Its excellent flexibility when updating existing systems, its light weight, compact dimensions make it the modernisation specialist.

The hybrid control RoCon

It not only regulates the A1, but also manages heat store, the heart of the hybrid heating system. This overarching hybrid management system provides for the highest levels of system efficiency and optimum convenience for heating and domestic hot water. Straightforward and consistent handling of the ROTEX A1 – with intuitive menu navigation and control via your smartphone using the ROTEX App.


Be prepared for anything – ready for bio-oil

In future, an increasing proportion of bio-oil, or bio-oil constituents, will be added to conventional heating oil. The ROTEX A1 is already prepared for the combustion of all types of commercially available heating oil, including those with biogenic constituents. With the ROTEX A1, up to around 20 % biogenic constituents (FAME) can be added to heating oil without impact on the operational safety, and without increased maintenance effort. The burner components have been developed to cope with the demands placed on them by bio-oil, in other words: ready for bio-oil.

Structure and function

Reduced water content for greater energy savings

When no heating is required, e.g. during the summer, your boiler runs exclusively to generate domestic hot water. The lower the weight and water content of the boiler, the less energy is required for heating. Consequently, less heat is wasted when reheating the DHW cylinder after completing the heating process. The ROTEX A1 has a very small water content (just 3 litres for the A1 BO 20-e) and thus suffers minimal cooldown losses.

Quality is our patent remedy

The boiler body on the ROTEX A1 has been developed using entirely new, patented TWINTEC boiler technology. Advanced high performance materials were used throughout, rejecting materials suffering from corrosion entirely. The corrosion resistant stainless steel pipes which carry the heating water are directly cast into the boiler body, made of die-cast aluminium. The spherical shape of the boiler body, which is also patented, allows unrestricted condensing utilisation directly inside the boiler, without the need for an additional heat exchanger. That makes cleaning easy. The directly cooled combustion chamber also very effectively reduces the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOX).

DHW at its hygienic best

The ROTEX Sanicube thermal store is an ideal supplement to the ROTEX A1 heating system. It had been conceived in accordance with the latest heating technology and water hygiene requirements. Its special design is tailored to provide the best possible water hygiene. Deposits of sludge, rust, sediments and even the growth of dangerous legionella bacteria, which can arise in large volume tanks, are prevented.

Innovative heat storage concept - Hygienic, flexible and future-oriented

All ROTEX products with the ECH2O label are characterized by a unique heat storage principle. Particularly space-saving, with the highest warm water comfort and open for additional heat sources. The innovative heat storage concept is applied to the A1 when you combine the oil boiler with a Sanicube thermal store.

Energy efficiency class

September 2015: Energy efficiency label now also for heating

Haus Öl-Brennwertkessel mit Solar und ÖltankIndividual heat generators will each bear a product label. The efficiency of a heating system depends not only on the heat generator, but on several components. That is why the combination or package label was introduced. This covers the heat generator plus other components such as the control, cylinders, solar thermal systems and/or an additional heat generator. The combination label is calculated from the efficiency values of the individual appliances and devices.

Information about the energy efficiency labels


Additional information

Energy label for heating systems

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