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Wall mounted
gas condensing boiler

With a power range of 12-33 kW the ROTEX GW-20/30 is highly variable. ROTEX also offers a 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger.

Maximum efficiency for heating and hot water.



Space-saving and quiet

Most comfortable technology in the smallest space.

For the health of your family

Hygienic water heater principle or combination with a ROTEX heat storage with fresh water technology.

Simple, convenient, individual

For variable use there are 5 performance classes.

Fast installation and maintenance

Compact product design with easily accessible items.

Product description

Get more from condensing technology

State of the art condensing technology converts fuel into available heat with virtually no losses. Flue gases are cooled until the water vapour they contain has been condensed. The energy generated is used as heating energy. This makes gas condensing boilers up to 20 % more efficient than standard boilers.

ROTEX GW-20/30

Thanks to energy-saving condensing technology, the ROTEX GW-20/30 achieves efficiency levels of up to 109 %. The small footprint, extremely straightforward operation and installation, quiet running and maximum efficiency for domestic hot water and central heating are all features that set these ROTEX gas condensing boilers apart.

Convenience guaranteed

Heat exchangers in the GW-20/30 models come with a ROTEX 10-year guarantee.


Maximum efficiency in the smallest space

Der Gas-Brennwert-Wandkessel ROTEX GW top bietet komfortabelste Technik auf kleinstem Raum mit maximaler Effizienz für Warmwasser und Heizung und das mit vielfach bewährter Technik. Einfachste Bedienung sowie sein leiser Betrieb zeichnen den ROTEX GW top aus. The gas condensing wall boiler ROTEX GW top provides convenient technology in the smallest space with maximum efficiency for hot water and heating and proven with many technology. Simple operation and quieter operation speak the ROTEX GW from top

Easy, convenient, individual

The ROTEX GW-20/30 are available in two versions, both offering maximum efficiency thanks to the integral high efficiency pump. From the standard GW-20 model to the GW-30, which offers greater convenience due to a larger heat exchanger surface, this range has something for everyone.

Structure and function

Hot water at any time

For DHW heating, you can opt for the hygienic instantaneous water heater principle (version C) or use the boiler in conjunction with the ROTEX Sanicube high performance thermal store for maximum DHW hygiene and convenience (version H).

1. The combi boiler (version C)
Through the application of the instantaneous water heater principle, the ROTEX GW-20/30 heats DHW particularly efficiently thanks to its special 2-in-1 heat exchanger. Additional functions offer optimum convenience: the COMFORT function ensures that hot water is available quickly whenever you want it. In ECO mode, the boiler "learns" to recognise your specific hot water requirements and pre-heats the water accordingly.

2. Combined with a thermal store (version H)
For a higher DHW demand, we recommend using the boiler in conjunction with a thermal store. The ROTEX Sanicube represents a combination of domestic hot water tank and instantaneous water heater. The water to be heated is routed through and heated by a separate high performance stainless steel heat exchanger. The Sanicube therefore offers outstanding benefits in terms of water hygiene.

Quick installation and maintenance

The mounting rail, available as an option, with pre-assembled expansion vessel and all necessary connection valves ensures quick and easy installation in the smallest of spaces. The compact product design, with just a small number of individual parts not only increases the reliability of the boiler, but also reduces the usual maintenance costs. All individual parts, are easily accessible, making maintenance easier too.

Energy efficiency classes

September 2015: Energy efficiency label now also for heating

The energy labels will make it easier to compare individual heating products and decide which ones to buy.


Information about the energy efficiency labels