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ROTEX A1 gas condensing.
Intelligent heating.

Efficiency is a question of technology.

The ROTEX A1 is an installation-ready gas condensing boiler with integrated intelligent electronic regulation, gas surface burner and energy-saving circulation pump. Efficiency levels of up to 110% and extremely low toxic emissions are achieved through consistent condensing use. With conventional gas combustion, water vapour is also produced, and this leaves the chimney unused with the flue gases. In this way, conventional systems lose up to 11% of the energy put in. ROTEX gas condensing boilers acquire this energy by the use of condensing technology and thus considerably increase the effectiveness. The low weight, the high level of corrosion resistance and the simple to install plastic flue gas system make the ROTEX A1 ideal for new-build and renovation.

A more intelligent heating system thinks alongside you.

Depending on the weather conditions and the consumer behaviour, the power requirements of a building fluctuate considerably. In the same way that a sportsman’s pulse rate adapts, the A1 adapts its output to the ever-changing demand. The internal control electronics unobtrusively perform the management of the output for you without the need for any intervention. Convenience functions, such as hot water generation, working day control and weather-controlled regulation of the flow temperature are all integrated. High levels of energy utilisation and very environmentally beneficial operation are the logical consequences of this new development. It all depends on the correct mixture.


Your benefits

  • Energy-saving gas condensing technology with an effectivity
    up to 110%
  • High-efficiency TWINTEC boiler body, corrosion resistant and durable
  • Modulating operation of the burner constantly adapts the boiler output to the demand


Everything can be controlled.

The RoCon digital controller meets the strictest of demands. Alongside the regulating functions of the A1 gas condensing boiler and the GCU compact, it takes over the entire management of the thermal store, the heart of the hybrid heating. This comprehensive hybrid management ensures the highest system efficiency and optimum convenience for heating and hot water. The display shows values and parameters in clear text. All operating modes, timer programs and operating parameters can be set and modified easily and quickly. Important system parameters can be accessed and adapted to suit by the technician. The heating water temperature is regulated in accordance with the outdoor temperature. The controller automatically detects winter and summer and switches the heating mode on and off to suit the demand. The controller is easy and intuitive to operate. It has individual adjustable timer programmes for convenient control of the heating circuit and hot water generation and can be supplemented by a room controller, which can be used conveniently to control and monitor the heating system.