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Contemporary heating with products from ROTEX.

Gas condensing / solar combination
ROTEX GCU compact

State of the art gas condensing technology with integral thermal store


  • Heating and domestic hot water
  • Hygienic hot water generation
  • Direct combination with solar thermal systems or existing heating systems possible

Wall mounted gas condensing boiler
ROTEX GW-20/30

Gas condensing boiler with maximum efficiency in the smallest possible space


  • DHW heating with instantaneous water heater or thermal store
  • Compact dimensions
  • Extremely quiet operation

Oil condensing boiler

Oil condensing boiler delivers maximum efficiency with every type of heatiing oil


  • Patented TWINTEC technology
  • Ready for Bio-Oil (B20)
  • 15 year guarantee on the boiler body

Air-to-water heat pump
ROTEX HPSU compact

State of the art heat pump technology with integral thermal store


  • Heating, cooling and domestic hot water
  • Hygienic hot water generation
  • Direct combination with solar thermal systems or existing heating systems possible

High tempature heat pump

2-stage air-to-water heat pump for flow temperatures up to 80 °C


  • Heating and domestic hot water
  • Integration of existing radiators
  • Ideal for modernisation projects

Gas hybrid heat pump
ROTEX HPU hybrid

Hybrid-Lösung aus Luft-/Wasser-Wärmepumpe und Gas-Brennwerttechnik


  • Heating and cooling
  • DHW heating with instantaneous water heater or thermal store
  • Easy integration into existing heating systems


Ground source heat pump
ROTEX HPU ground

Compact internal unit for heating with geothermal energy


  • Heating and domestic hot water
  • Stable heating output independent of the outside temperature
  • Inverter technology ensures efficient operation

Solar system
ROTEX Solaris

Two possibilites: Pressurised solar system and Drain-Back system


  • Efficient utilisation of free solar energy for hot water and heating
  • Optimum temperature stratification in the ROTEX thermal store increases solar use
  • On-roof, in-roof and flat roof installation


Thermal store
ROTEX Sanicube/HybridCube

Combination of hot water storage and instantaneous water heater


  • Hygienic hot water generation
  • Efficient engery saving thanks to full thermal insulation made from PU rigid foam
  • Connection to the most varied heat generators and heat sources 

Underfloor heating
ROTEX Monopex/System70

For new build and modernisation


  • For living/ commercial and industrial surfaces
  • Can be also used as a wall heater
  • Retrofitting with low mounting heights possible

Heating oil tank
ROTEX variosafe

Space-saving double wall safety tanks with odour block


  • Installation without walling off and oil-resistand painting
  • Ready for Bio-Oil
  • Proofed barrier block

Rainwater storage tank
ROTEX variocistern

For rainwater utilisation with compact dimenstions


  • Easy installation
  • Approved for drinking water
  • Modular tank system for all demands