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Maximum heating and hot water comfort in older and newly constructed buildings: ROTEX GCU compact gas condensing/solar combination

03.08.15 08:28

High-end bathrooms and more than one shower in a household put increased demands on domestic hot water preparation in newly constructed and older buildings alike. Consequently heating systems for domestic water preparation have to meet two challenges at the same time: low heating and high hot water requirements. A solution for efficiently managing this balancing act is offered by intelligent heating systems like the ROTEX GCU compact.

The GCU compact gas condensing/solar combination can meet the increased demands put on heating systems thanks to its integrated Intelligent Store Management (ISM). It combines a heat generator, an energy-saving thermal store, perfect drinking water hygiene and a smart appearance in only one unit. The recent optimization of the ISM makes it possible to efficiently cover even very low heating demands in buildings without compromising hot water preparation at all. This makes the GCU compact ideally suited for renovation projects and for low-energy houses alike.

One heating system solution for renovation projects and new buildings
The ISM of the gas condensing and thermal storage unit not only contributes to an even higher energy efficiency of the system, but also increases the heating and hot water preparation comfort. Even very low heating demands typical of low energy houses and highly thermally insulated new buildings are covered satisfyingly. In older buildings the intelligent control system optimizes the burner operation which lowers the emission of pollutants and increases the energy efficiency.

Thermal store: highly energy efficient; hygienic drinking water
The high performance thermal store which is positioned under the gas condensing boiler is one of the GCU compact system‘s key components. Its connections have been rearranged and guarantee easy installation. The solar storage tank now comes with even better insulation which minimizes heat losses and increases its energy efficiency. For drinking water that is extremely hygienic, ROTEX relies on a corrugated pipe heat exchanger made of stainless steel. Potable water is heated up in continuous flow mode only when it is being tapped. Due to the water’s short dwelling time in the store this system effectively prevents the growth of legionella. In addition, its construction rules out the formation of limestone and sediment deposits.

Automatic adaption to different gas types
The GCU compact gas condensing/solar combination is equipped with an automatic combustion control that independently adjusts to different types of gases and guarantees efficient operation of the gas condensing boiler at all times. The system works with almost all types of gases, including liquid gas. This consistent implementation of condensing boiler technology and the combination of condensing boiler and thermal store results in a very low energy consumption.

Optional use of solar energy possible
The GCU compact can be combined with a ROTEX Solaris solar system or backed up with an external heat generator. If a solar system is not fitted directly, it can be added on easily and quickly at a later point of time. Via the ISM Intelligent Storage Management the thermal energy available will always be used efficiently both for domestic hot water production and for solar-supported heating as demanded.

The GCU compact can conveniently be controlled and programmed via the ROTEX Control app for iPhone and android.