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ROTEX receives „Innovation Wärmemarkt 2014“ Award

10.11.14 15:38

On November 4, 2014, ROTEX was awarded the „Innovation Wärmemarkt 2014“ (Innovation of the Heating Sector 2014) prize for its “Wärmepumpe Plus” (Heat Pump Plus) concept in Germany. ROTEX CEO Dr. Franz Grammling received the award on the occasion of the HEAT Congress for Mobile and Storable Heat in Berlin. “We are very pleased with this honour. It is a reinforcement for us and encourages us to continue our company efforts to supply the market with heating systems that are particularly efficient and resource saving. The combination of heat pumps with oil-fired heating systems is extremely interesting, as it enables us to employ a renewable energy source for considerable cost reduction and at the same time guarantee heat supply in existing buildings even on extremely cold winter days. House owners continue to show a very strong desire for a switch to renewable energy sources.” says Franz Grammling. The rewarded concept is recommended as an alternative to a boiler exchange and is suitable for all types of building, as the heat pump only gets active at outside temperatures where it works more efficiently than the existing boiler. For buildings that are completely or partly heated by a floor heating system “Wärmepumpe Plus” (Heat Pump Plus) is the ideal solution.


It was the third time the “Innovation Wärmemarkt” prize was awarded by German trade magazine Brennstoffspiegel + Mineralölrundschau in cooperation with the German UNITI federal association of medium-sized mineral oil companies. The award aims at encouraging companies in the heating sector to develop new concepts that use energy resources more efficiently by means of modern technologies, design operating procedures that are more rational, and save energy within the company.

Innovative Features of the „Wärmepumpe Plus“ (Heat Pump Plus) Concept
ROTEX designed the „Wärmepumpe Plus“ (Heat Pump Plus) concept as an option for end consumers to simply add an air to water heat pump (ROTEX HSPU compact) to their existing heating system. In Germany there is a high demand for such a solution, as a high number of the six million oil heating boilers currently installed still function satisfyingly but do not meet modern efficiency standards. In these cases a modernisation of the heating system is not imperative, but a growing number of end consumers is nevertheless interested in switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies. The ROTEX „Wärmepumpe Plus“ (Heat Pump Plus) concept makes it possible to maintain the existing heating system by simply incorporating the heat pump into the original heating system as an additional unit. The construction work necessary for the adaption is restricted mainly to the boiler room. The heat pump outdoor unit is the only element that has to be installed and incorporated extra.
As a heat source the ROTEX heat pump uses ambient air and supplies both the hot water needed in the building and the heating water during the milder seasons. Only when temperatures drop extremely, the existing oil heating system starts operating and replaces the heat pump. This way both systems will always operate in their optimal range and with the highest efficiency possible.

ROTEX air to water heat pumps: Intelligent Heating at Decreased Costs
Die ROTEX HPSU compact combines the highly efficient heat pump indoor unit with an innovative thermal store that guarantees hygienic drinking water quality. In addition the unit can be used as an efficient storage unit for heat energy from further energy sources. Thus it can be supported in heating and hot water production from a solar system unit, oil and gas boilers or a wood fire stove with water pockets.

60% less oil consumption after heating modernisation
“Wärmepumpe Plus” (Heat Pump Plus) protects the environment by reducing the amount of fossil energy carriers used and by its low amount of exhaust emissions. Example projects show that the concept allows for an oil reduction of up to 60 percent. Thus the end consumer can drastically lower heating costs without having to completely exchange the existing system.

Installation is quick and uncomplicated as the integration of the system into the existing building is easy. This makes it possible to renovate the building one step at a time. If further energetic renovation measures follow, the heat pump can serve as the single heating unit in the long run, making it possible to heat the building with cost-free and renewable environmental energy and increasing the object’s property value.

Please find further information on the ROTEX „Wärmepumpe Plus” (Heat Pump Plus) system on the german website www.hpsu-plus.de.