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NEW: ROTEX HPU ground (Ground Source Heat Pump)

06.03.14 10:23

Heating with Free Geothermal Energy – The New ROTEX HPU Ground Source Heat Pump

The new ROTEX HPU ground, a ground source heat pump, uses geothermal energy, thus taking advantage of a free and unlimited natural heat source. Heat energy is drawn from the ground by means of geothermal probes or horizontal collectors. Thanks to the heat pump’s state-of-the-art inverter technology the heat pump operates extremely energy- and cost-efficiently. The new ROTEX HPU ground adds to the comprehensive air-/water and gas hybrid heat pump portfolio of the heating system experts.

Consistent Heating Power Regardless of Outdoor Temperatures

The heat enclosed in the ground is a natural geothermal heat energy source even in the coldest of temperature environments. Depending on the plot size and soil condition two different methods of efficient energy recovery are possible, the first option being a ground probe installed in a bore hole at a depth of 100 to 200 metres. At this level temperatures are a constant 10 °C approximately. Alternatively, horizontal collectors can be laid at a depth of 0.9 to 1.5 meters below the surface. Brine, a mixture of water and antifreeze, collects the heat from the ground and subsequently releases it in the heat pump. This way, the ROTEX HPU ground is highly efficient regardless of outdoor temperatures, provides constant heating and works without an additional back-up heater when dimensioned correctly.

Increased Efficiency by means of Inverter Technology

The ROTEX inverter heat pump technology increases seasonal efficiency by up to 20 per cent, as compared to on/off ground source heat pumps. Its advantage is an adaption of the energy input to the actual energy demand, which increases energy efficiency and lowers operating costs at the same time. 

Quick and Easy Installation by means of an Integrated Hot Water Tank

The HPU ground comes factory-fitted with a 180 litres stainless steel hot water tank, thus reducing installation time considerably. By combining the heat pump unit with the tank the system’s footprint is extremely compact and small. Additionally, the unit is equipped with pipe connections, which facilitate installation. System control is user-friendly and can be done intuitively, thanks to the plain text display screen.

The new ROTEX HPU ground will be available from spring 2014 onwards.