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ROTEX HPU gas hybrid Heat Pump receives Plus X Award 2014 for Innovation

05.03.14 17:05

The new ROTEX gas hybrid heat pump HPU hybrid ranks among the most innovative products of 2014. This was confirmed by the jury of the world’s largest innovation award, which honoured the hybrid system in the categories High Quality, Functionality and Ecology. For more than 10 years the Plus X Award has singled out innovative products in the fields of technologies, sports and lifestyle that stand out from the mainstream. Combining an air-to-water heat pump with an energy-saving condensing gas boiler, the ROTEX HPU hybrid makes the best of both air and gas as energy carriers. Thanks to its supply temperature range from 25 °C to 80 °C the hybrid system is the ideal solution for heating modernisation and can be deployed in almost any type of building. Compared to a standalone gas condensing boiler the gas hybrid heat pump delivers an increased year round energy efficiency.

The Intelligent Hybrid System for Heating Renovation
The ROTEX HPU hybrid is an ideal choice for all house owners wishing to exchange their old gas boiler unit. The system can be installed to replace an old gas boiler in no time and with minimum constructional work in the interior of the building. The heat pump outdoor unit is the only component that has to be mounted additionally. The indoor unit (a combination of indoor heat pump and the gas condensing boiler) doesn’t take up more space than the original gas boiler. Any existent radiators or floor heating and pipe systems can be reused, so no further installation costs arise.

Efficient Parallel Operation and Efficient Hot Water Preparation
As the ROTEX gas hybrid heat pump allows the parallel operation of the heat pump and the gas condensing boiler, it makes the most efficient use of the energy carrier. Via a logic control unit the ROTEX HPU hybrid can be adjusted in such a way that the system automatically determines the most cost-efficient operation mode by comparing gas and electricity costs, or alternatively opts for the energy carrier with the smallest environmental footprint. Over the period of a year the heat pump can supply 60 to 70 per cent of the energy needed for space heating. Additionally, the ROTEX HPU hybrid features a special 2-in-1 heat exchanger that generates hot water for room heating and for domestic uses. Heating the drinking water in a hygienic continuous-flow principle increases the unit’s efficiency by up to 30 per cent compared to conventional gas condensing boilers. Alternatively, a ROTEX thermal storage tank can be adapted to the unit for the heating of domestic drinking water.