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The new ROTEX Compact Class

12.03.13 11:20

The new space saver:
a complete heating system occupying only 0.36 m2

ROTEX’s space saver, the new Compact Class combines an attractive visual appearance, compact size, optimal drinking water hygiene, a heat generator and an energy-saving storage tank in only one unit. Thereby, it meets the growing demands of installers and end-users. As an air-to-water heat pump or a gas condensing boiler – the complete heating, the hot water generation and a 300 Liter or 500 Liter stratified solar storage tank can be accommodated in only 0.36 sq. m. or 0.62 sq. m. The new design, completely in white, without unattractive connector elements and with harmonious outer contours, suits every space optimally. It even fits into small niches or into the central roof unit. Using the new ROTEX RoCon control concept, which is the same for all ROTEX heat generation systems, the installation and operation of the Compact Class are simple and intuitive.
The new ROTEX Compact Class also convinced the jury of the Plus X Award 2013: For its innovation, high quality, design, functionality and ecology, ROTEX’s space saver was awarded the Plus X award, the innovation prize for products in the areas of technology, sport and lifestyle.

The new thermal store: high energy efficiency and hygienic drinking water
The centerpiece of the Compact Class is the thermal store on which the heat generator (condensing gas boiler or air-to-water heat pump) is positioned. Thanks to an optimized arrangement of the connections, the installation has become even easier. Improved heat insulation allows for even higher energy efficiency and thus lower energy costs. In order to ensure optimal water hygiene, ROTEX relies consistently on a stainless steel, corrugated tube heat exchanger that heats the drinking water in a continuous flow mode only during abstraction. Due to the short storage time of the water in the storage tank, this system provides an effective, principle-based protection against Legionella. Accumulation of calcium and sedimentation in the storage tank are impossible due to its construction.

ROTEXs storage tank portfolio is conceived in such a way that various energy sources can be integrated. A solar system, for instance, can be easily connected to a solar stratified storage tank. The complementary solar heating is already integrated into heat storage tanks with a volume of 500 liters. The program is being extended with models with an integrated heat exchanger for pressurized solar and hybrid uses. In addition, all storage products are now offered with an additional solar heat exchanger that can also be used for integration of other heat sources.

The new generation of the air-to-water heat pump: ROTEX HPSU compact
With the new HPSU compact, ROTEX is again setting a trend: the air-to-water heat pump unit is able to store considerable amounts of additional heat energy and to use it as needed to complement heating or hot water generation. This heat can come from electricity during low tariff hours or from a stove, from which heat is stored in the evenings and released as needed during the day. The HPSU compact has been certified by the German Bundesverband Wärmepumpe e.V. (the association representing the heat pump industry) with the SG Ready Label for heat pumps suitable for smart grid use.
With the Intelligent Storage Management (ISM) of the HPSU compact, an overflow valve in the heating circuit becomes superfluous, by internally providing stored heat to support defrosting. Additional electrical heat can be stored during low tariff hours and used up to one day later to support the heat pump. Thus, the energy efficiency and operational security are increased.

As before, the ROTEX drain back solar system can be directly connected. A combination with a ROTEX pressurized solar system or a second external heat generator is possible by way of the integrated hybrid heat exchanger. This is especially advantageous during renovations, when a heat generator is already available and is to be used to support the heat pump at very low outdoor temperatures. The heat pump is adapted for heating and cooling and provides comfortable room temperatures throughout the whole year.

Since, in new buildings, the heating needs will continue to decrease, the need for small power or very small power heat generators increases. As a solution for the HPSU compact, ROTEX presents a new outdoor unit with a heating output of only 4 kW. Another considerable increase in efficiency has been achieved with this 4 kW outdoor unit. For instance, the HPSU compact 4 kW has a COP above 5 at A7/W35. Any kind of complementary electrical heating becomes superfluous due to the particular construction of the outdoor unit. The heat pump can be operated without any problems up to an outdoor temperature of -25 °C.

Gas condensing boiler / Solar combination GCU compact
ROTEXs new GCU compact will come on the market with a new boiler body and with an integrated solar storage tank. A combination with a ROTEX Solaris pressurized solar system or an external heat generator is possible via the integrated hybrid heat exchanger. The stored solar heat can be used for complementary heating or for hot water generation. Here too, the Intelligent Storage Management (ISM) is assumed by ROTEX RoCon. Moreover, RoCon controls the quality of combustion.

GCU compact is equipped with the automatic combustion controller Lambda-Gx.
Lambda-Gx provides an automatic adaptation to various types of gases and ensures that the condensing gas boiler always operates in a reliable and secure way even in different environmental conditions and with different types of gases. With this system, appliance users will be optimally equipped, especially with regard to an expected flexibility of the gas supply. This guarantees that the system will always operate in the optimal operating range. All types of gases, including liquid gas, can be burned in an optimally controlled way. At the same time, the consistent use of condensing technology and the combination of a condensing boiler with a heat storage tank leads to low energy consumption. In the new design of the storage tank, the insulation thickness has been increased and all thermal flaws have been consistently eliminated. Thereby, heat losses from the storage tank have been considerably reduced. The condensing gas boiler is positioned on the storage tank so that all the components are easily accessible for maintenance.

A hybrid use of the GCU compact in combination with a ROTEX solar system (pressurized solar or drain back) or a second external heat generator is also possible. Aside from a pleasant appearance, the GCU compact provides the end customer with a high comfort due to considerably quieter operation and with very good efficiency and a unique quality/price ratio.

All ROTEX product innovations will be presented from 12th to 16th March 2013 at the ISH in Frankfurt at ROTEX and DAIKINs common stand in Hall 8, Stand F10.

About ROTEX:
ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH, based in Güglingen, is a manufacturer of complete heating systems. Their portfolio includes air-to-water heat pumps, condensing heaters for oil and gas, solar plants, hot water storage tanks, floor heating, heating oil storage tanks, rain water tanks and an installation system for sanitary and heating installation. Since 1st October 2008, ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH is a subsidiary of DAIKIN Europe N.V. (Oostende/Belgium). DAIKIN Industries Ltd. is a market leader in the field of cooling, air-conditioning and heating pump technology with more than 38.000 employees worldwide.

ROTEX Heating Systems GmbH ⋅ Langwiesenstraße 10 ⋅ 74363 Güglingen Tel.: 07135 103-0 ⋅ Fax: 07135 103 201 ⋅ E-Mail: info@rotex.de
Internet: www.rotex-heating.com



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