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ROTEX’s new gas-condensing boiler / solar combination GCU compact

19.08.13 08:50

Environmentally-friendly, efficient heating comfort in a compact design

The new ROTEX gas-condensing boiler / solar combination GCU compact combines all the advantages of efficient modern gas-condensing technology in one compact appliance. The entire heating system plus hot water generation and a 300 or 500 liter, thermal store and stratified solar storage tank are accommodated in only 0.36 m² or 0.62 m². The ROTEX GCU compact thus fits into the smallest of niches or into a central roof unit and is easy to install. Thanks to a low-energy condensing technology with a 110 percent efficiency degree, the gas used will very efficiently be transformed into usable heat, thus saving both financial and natural resources.

The new design, all white with harmonious outer contours fits with every surrounding. The special heat insulation of the thermal store increases energy efficiency and lowers energy costs. With their fresh water technology ROTEX have consistently optimized water hygiene. Drinking water is hereby heated instantaneously only during tapping, thus inhibiting the formation of limescale and sediments and the development of legionella-type bacteria in the storage tank.

As much sun as possible – as little gas as required

ROTEX’s thermal stores portfolio allows for various energy sources to be flexibly integrated. A solar system (ROTEX Solaris pressurized solar or drain back solar system), for example, can easily be connected to the layered solar storage tank of the ROTEX GCU compact. Using solar energy the ROTEX GCU compact will either heat drinking water or support the heating appliance, mainly during the transition period. A solar system can be attached at any later point of time. The storage management system will make intelligent use of the heat available in the 500 litre storage tank, be it for hot water or for supporting solar heating. Adding to the ROTEX range, some models come with an integrated heat exchanger for pressurized solar and bivalent uses. All ROTEX storage products are now offered with an additional solar heat exchanger that can also be used in combination with other heat sources (e.g. wood fire place with water reservoir).

Automatic combustion control for further efficiency increase

The GCU compact’s automatic combustion control system Lambda-Gx ensures that the gas-condensing boiler will operate with maximum efficiency even under different environmental settings and fuelled with different types of gas. Especially with regard to a future flexibility in the gas supply this will get facility operators on the safe side, guaranteeing that the system will always operate in its optimum operating range.

As a control unit, ROTEX RoCon provides the intelligent storage management (ISM). This new control concept is standardized for all ROTEX heat generators and renders the installation and operation of the GCU compact easy. The heating system can be controlled intuitively, intelligently and efficiently. Being a comprehensive hybrid management system, RoCon provides for the highest system efficiency and for optimal comfort in the production of heating warmth and hot water.

RoCon can also be operated via a room controller. An additional module enables worldwide communication with RoCon via Smartphone. The current temperature can thus be monitored and modified easily to the desired target temperature. Time programs and operation modes can also be modified via the ROTEX Control App. Along with the current outdoor temperature, the App will also monitor the current weather situation and will give a forecast for the next three days. The App is currently available for iPhone. An Android version is being developed.

Due to its extremely quiet operation mode and pleasant design the GCU compact provides the end customer with a high degree of convenience. At the same time, the system is highly efficient and provides a unique quality/price ratio.

ROTEX’s compact class is also available as an air-to-water heat pump model HPSU compact. The new ROTEX compact class has already convinced the jury of the Plus X Award 2013: For innovation, high quality, design, functionality and ecology the ROTEX GCU compact was awarded the Plus X award, the innovation prize for products in the fields of technology, sport and lifestyle.