Gas boiler

The new ROTEX GW smart condensing boiler is winning customers over with its leading-edge design and trendsetting technology. The extremely light-weight wall-mounted gas boiler weighs just 27 kilograms and can be installed in a variety of settings thanks to its compact dimensions. All parts are accessible from the front of the unit, facilitating maintenance.

With its extremely compact dimensions, the GW smart gas condensing boiler is the ideal solution when installing new or replacement units in homes with one heating circuit. The GW smart...

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Heat pump

In March 2017, the ground source heat pump HPU ground received, as the first heat pump from ROTEX, the HP Keymark certification. At the trade fair ISH in Frankfurt the certificate has been awarded.

This is the first step by ROTEX to get is entire heat pump portfolio HP Keymark certified.

The european certification system „KEYMARK“ is a seal of quality for a wide range of products and services which are in line with European standards and which define consistent quality standards. This Heat Pump (HP) KEYMARK, was developed in partnership...

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Heat pump

In fall of 2017, ROTEX will launch its successful HPSU compact air-to-water heat pump with the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R-32. The new units are highly efficient, have a small environmental footprint and are easy to install. The proven installation advantages of the compact heat pump are now being extended to other products in the ROTEX heat pump portfolio and will soon be found in the HPSU monobloc compact system as well.


A next-generation heat pump: The ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra

Slated to debut on the market at the end of...

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Gas boiler Oil boiler

More compact. More efficient. More light-weight

ROTEX will be presenting three innovations in the area of condensing boiler technology at the ISH 2017: the GW smart wall-mounted gas condensing boiler, the GCU compact gas condensing boiler/solar combination and the A2 oil condensing boiler. 


GW smart wall-mounted gas-fired condensing boiler

The new GW smart wall-mounted gas condensing boiler will make its debut at the ISH 2017. The first wall-mounted boiler that was developed within the DAIKIN group is impressing customers with its modern...

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Heat pump

New device for control via app

  • Control via smartphone
  • Smart-grid-ready
  • Photovoltaic connection 

With its new LAN adapter, ROTEX is now launching a further device for monitoring and controlling heat pumps via smartphone. Based on the RoCon control concept and the ROTEX Control app, online control of the ROTEX HPSU compact air-to-water heat pump has been available since 2013. The new LAN adapter, which will be unveiled in the summer of 2017, is compatible with the company’s HPSU monobloc, HPU hybrid, HPSU Bi-Bloc and HPU ground heat pumps.


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DAIKIN Europe N.V. (DENV) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DAIKIN Industries Ltd, a multinational company listed on the Japanese stock exchange and the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of HVAC systems and HVAC devices (HVAC = heating, ventilation, air conditioning). The company manufactures and markets premium quality solutions for climate management in rooms and buildings which are continuously adapted to the ever-changing needs of our customers adjusted for solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. DAIKIN...

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Heat pump

Compact all-in-one outdoor unit for flexible uses

With the new HPSU monobloc heat pump ROTEX launches an all-in-one-system at an attractive price. All important components are housed within the device so that it can be mounted quickly and on minimum space outside of buildings, without being an obtrusive sight. Its low flow temperature operation makes the heat pump ideal for new builds. The option of combining the HPSU monobloc with a ROTEX HybridCube thermal store and integrating a solar system makes the heat pump a flexible solution for newly...

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Heat pump Gas boiler Oil boiler Thermal solar Thermal store

September 2015:
New: energy efficiency labels for heating systems

We‘re familiar with these labels on fridges, televisions and other electrical appliances. From 26 September 2015, heat generators and water heaters will bear their own EU energy efficiency labels. These labels will make it easier to compare individual heating products and decide which ones to buy.

How the energy efficiency classes are determined

The product‘s seasonal energy efficiency will determine its energy efficiency class. Put simply, this indicates the relationship...

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ROTEX chronology

The history of ROTEX heating systems is marked by numerous innovative products and developments. Founded in 1973 as a plastics processor, ROTEX GmbH started producing heating oil storage tanks made of polyethylene (PE) in 1978. The company succeeded in quickly claiming a leading position on the market in this sector.
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