Fit for the future with next-generation heat pumps from ROTEX

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In fall of 2017, ROTEX will launch its successful HPSU compact air-to-water heat pump with the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R-32. The new units are highly efficient, have a small environmental footprint and are easy to install. The proven installation advantages of the compact heat pump are now being extended to other products in the ROTEX heat pump portfolio and will soon be found in the HPSU monobloc compact system as well.


A next-generation heat pump: The ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra

Slated to debut on the market at the end of 2017, the HPSU compact Ultra will set new standards for air-to-water heat pumps. Equipped with a new compressor and the refrigerant R-32, the system achieves outstanding efficiency, with a coefficient of performance (COP) of up to 5.4 (A7/W35). In addition, since a flow temperature of up to 65°C is possible without using a heating element, the heat pump has a wider variety of applications – for new buildings, modernized properties and multi-family housing connected in cascade. The HPSU compact Ultra combines cutting-edge heat pump technology with an integrated heat storage tank – enabling heating, cooling and hot water requirements to be met by a single system. The new ROTEX eye control system ensures fast and easy commissioning.

As part of the Bluevolution series, the HPSU compact Ultra heat pump is one of the DAIKIN group’s products that uses the future-fit refrigerant R-32. With its low global warming potential (GWP) of 675, R-32 is playing an important role in cutting carbon dioxide emissions. Thanks to their low GWP ratings, all Bluevolution products already comply with the new regulations governing the emission of fluorinated greenhouse gases (F gases) for 2025. The DAIKIN group is in the vanguard with the introduction of this new heat pump technology.

In addition, the air-to-water heat pump belongs to the group of ECH2O products. All ROTEX products with this label are based on a unique heat storage principle. What’s more, they are extremely compact, ensure very convenient hot water production and, as open systems, can be used in combination with additional heat sources.

The ROTEX HPSU compact Ultra will be available as of the end of 2017, initially with capacities ranging from 4kW to 8kW.


Latest model offers very simple installation: The ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact heat pump

The HPSU monobloc compact air-to-water heat pump from ROTEX brings together the installation advantages of the company’s successful compact line in a single unit. All components are preinstalled on the heat exchanger, simplifying the installation process. The system’s hydraulic components are all integrated in a compact outdoor unit. Compared to other products of its category, the HPSU monobloc compact is thus the most easy to install. A closed cooling circuit eliminates the need for a refrigerant line. Only a water-side connection and the indoor installation of the heat storage tank are required. The HPSU monobloc compact can operate even at outdoor temperatures as low as -25°C, ensuring the year-round provision of heating and hot water. Available with a capacity of 5kW or 7kW, the heat pump offers flow temperatures of up to +55°C. The unit operates extremely efficiently, attaining a COP of up to 5 (A7/W35). The combined thermal store ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact can also be used in conjunction with a solar panel system to support the provision of domestic water and heating. The HPSU monobloc compact also belongs to the group of ECH2O products.

The ROTEX HPSU monobloc compact will be available as of the fall of 2017. In 2018 an extension of the line with higher output ranges will follow.

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